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The German Shepherd is a natural dog. It was first named the Alsatian Wolf-Dog but it was not truly bred with a wolf or even in Alaska. The German Shepherd was developed in Germany in the 1880's as a herder. The German Shepherd Dog is a strong, agile dog - and possesses one of the keenest noses in the dog world Mountain Curs can make great family dogs. Once they become familiar with their human pack, you can count on these canines to be affectionate and friendly. If he experiences proper socialization, this Cur get along well with children and other pets. Check out how a nine-month-old Mountain Kerr interacts with another dog in this video We want a good family dog, but would love a double duty dog that could be trained to help protect our flock of chickens during the day. We saw a Mountain Cur puppy at an adoption day. I had never considered one, but really liked this pup so started reading. It sounds like it might be an good match There are dog breeds that may not be very popular but are, nevertheless, the perfect fit for a certain type of family. One such dog is the Mountain Cur. We're pretty sure this is also the first time you've heard of such a breed. And that's why we're here

Mountain curs are generally very healthy dogs. However, no pup is completely maintenance-free in the health department. Like any other breed, mountain curs will need regular trips to the vet for their shots and check-ups. Mountain curs can have problems with skin irritations and infections If you are looking for a remarkable dog that could work in indoor and outdoor activities, and at the same time an ideal family companion, the Mountain Cur is no doubt a breed you should consider owning. It is a perfect combination of looks, wits, and good-nature, making it a genuinely admirable breed Mountain Curs are good with other dogs—a necessity because they were often kept in groups—and are good with larger animals, such as horses and livestock. Because of their high prey drive, they really shouldn't be trusted with cats unless they are socialized with them from a young age The Mountain Cur is not a dog to get just as a pet because you want a dog for the kids. This is really a working dog, you should be using it on a farm, as a sporting dog, hunter, protector. These are the roles it was developed for and it is not a happy and calm and friendly dog if it is not getting the outlets it needs

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Catahoula Leopard Dogs are happiest living on a farm or ranch and allowed to hunt or work stock. If you simply want a pet for your family, and don't have the time or inclination to take your dog running or hiking or biking or swimming, I definitely don't recommend this breed Black Mouth Curs require the same amount and quantity of food such as the other cur-type dogs. Feed your Black Mouth Cur with good quality dog food. Give them two meals a day. You can divide the main meal in two halves and give two servings. 3/4 th or half cups of dry food, divided into two meals is enough for the day Due to their history as a pioneer dog and their development in wild and untamed environments, Mountain Curs are generally hardy and have no known hereditary diseases as a breed. That doesn't mean that every Mountain Cur will always be healthy. Like all dogs, and all individuals, they may experience certain issues

Mountain Curs are a social breed. Treeing Tennessee Brindles are a social breed. Barking. Low: The Mountain Cur barks none to minimal. Low: The Treeing Tennessee Brindle barks none to minimal. Watchdog Ability. Mountain Curs are one of the best watchdogs. Treeing Tennessee Brindles are good watchdogs. Territorial The Mountain Cur understands the importance of family and home, and they will protect both of them with great vigor. Some of the Mountain Cur dogs have even died protecting family and homes! The Mountain Curs loyalness and courageousness are, and possibly will be for a long time to come, second to none Mountain Curs are excellent family companions, get along well with other dogs and are easily trained. Housing them with cats and other small pets may be problematic. They require little maintenance but are not hypoallergenic. Mountain Cur Breed Detail

Today the Mountain Cur has been split into four distinct breeds: the Mountain Cur, The Mountain View Cur, the Stephens Stock, and the Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Black Mouth Cur ( Sale ) The Black Mouth Cur was developed in the southern United States but comes from a long line of Curs and Cur type dogs that date back to pre-Christian times as. Nutrition-wise, feed Mountain Cur puppies and dogs good quality dog food. You may also prepare home-made food with your vets approval. Do Mountain Curs Make Good Family Pets? In the right situation and with the right family, yes. This breed is the most loyal, trustworthy, hard-working, protective and loving dog you will ever meet The Mountain Cur dog is a medium-sized dog. Height is 16-25 inches, and weight is anywhere from 45-95 lbs. Eyes are green, blue, or light brown. The coat is rough, medium shot. Colors are brindle, black, dark brown, black and brindle, red, yellow, all sometimes with white points The Mountain Cur was used to guard family, livestock and property. Their sturdiness was perfect for settlers in the Southern Mountains. They have a natural instinct to chase things up trees, this is called treeing The valiant Mountain Cur is a strong, hardy medium-sized dog breed that can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 lbs., and tends to have a hound dog appearance so at first glance, it will look alert and full of energy. His head is broad and blocky, his muzzle is neither short nor is it long

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  1. Losing your Mountain Cur dog can be terrible both for you and your Mountain Cur. Follow these ideas to assist reunite with your Mountain Cur quicker. 1. Report your lost animal details on the Pet Reunite Lost & Found website here. 2. Post on Local Lost Pets Facebook Groups Here. 3
  2. The Mountain Cur is a powerful, agile tree dog of medium size. The body is square or just slightly longer than tall. Legs are long enough to allow the dog to move quickly and with agility in rough terrain. The head is broad, with a moderate stop, and a muzzle slightly shorter than the length of skull. Ears are set high and drop
  3. Mountain Curs are really good and being an experienced dog trainer, you would feel completely comfortable with these guys!! My aunt has a wonderful mountain cur since 4 years now, and it started displaying a pleasant temperament when it came to understand that we are our aunt's dear ones!! It just happens with these popular dogs.
  4. When Mountain Curs are secure in the knowledge that they belong to the family, they are more likely to respond better to their owners' training commands. Just like with any relationship, there must be mutual trust and respect between you and your Mountain Cur
  5. Best Dog Breeds for Kids & Best Family Dogs. 1. Labrador Retriever. The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States for a reason. The breed is friendly, patient, and trainable.
  6. Yes, the Mountain Cur is a very athletic dog and can easily jump a 2 - 3 foot fence. For a breed like Rudy, I would suggest 5 - 6 feet tall and make sure that he can not jump and then climb it after jumping it. Anonymous. Mountain Curs are not meant to be in a situation such as a fenced in yard, regardless of the height of the fence

Besides, The Mountain Cur has a double-layered coat that closely resembles a stubble. The top coat is heavy and short, while the undercoat provides soft insulation from adverse weather conditions. There is a fine distinction between a Mountain Cur male and the female breed. While the male dog can grow up to 18 to 26 inches, the female dog can. 7 Things to Know Before Getting a Mountain Cur The Mountain Cur is a working dog breed with origins in the Ohio River Valley. They are thought to have descended from European Cur-type dogs that were brought over by colonizers settling in the midwestern and southern areas of the United States Curs can be water dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs and guard dogs. However, they are not great family dogs because they were born to hunt. The Mountain Cur comes out of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Virginia

The Black Mouth Cur, named for his square black muzzle, is a short-haired ranch dog with a sweet personality. A jack of all trades, the Black Mouth Cur is a utility dog often used for hunting, herding, and other jobs. He became popular with early American settlers in need of help on their farms and ranches The Mountain Cur was declared a breed in 1957 with the organization of the Original Mountain Cur Breeders of America (OMCBA). Prior to that time, dogs of this type could only be found in very remote, rural areas, and there were no organized breeding records. The most common strains of Mountain Cur included the McConnell, Stephens, Ledbetter, Arline and York strains The Mountain Cur is an active dog. Probably not the best indoor/apartment dog, the Mountain Cur needs fresh air, room to run and daily walks to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Mountain. Do mountain curs make good pets?-- Mountain Cur. Is mountain cur a good family pet? In the right circumstances and in the right family, yes. Mountain cur is the most loyal, trustworthy, diligent, protective and loving dog you will encounter. These dogs protect their family with their lives, so mountain cur is a good pet Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Owner Experience - Both the Mountain Cur and the American Pit Bull Terrier are good for new owners, but the Mountain Cur is a slightly better choice.; Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the American Pit Bull Terrier is the most friendly between the breeds.; Grooming - Both breeds have low maintenance coats, but.

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  1. The most common strains of Mountain Cur included the McConnell, Stephens, Ledbetter, Arline and York strains, the categories being named after the owners of the dogs. Also Know, is a Mountain Cur a good family dog? The mountain cur was created by gun dog breeders to become superb working dogs, but do they make great pets
  2. The mountain cur is a healthy breed, with no known breed-specific health issues. The average life span is 12 to 16 years, so you can expect your companion to be with you for a long time. Behavior and Training. Mountain curs are extremely smart dogs, though how easily they can be trained will vary from dog to dog
  3. This breed is a good choice for sporting owners who plan to hunt or compete with their dogs. The Black Mouth Cur temperament is typically stable, non-aggressive, and loyal. So they can also be good family dogs, as long as they are socialized around other pets and children

Beaglemations should be fed 2 to 3 cups of good quality dry dog food a day, split into two meals. Both parent breeds are excellent with children and are considered excellent family dogs. I have a beagle mountain cur mix dog. She is the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. She LOVES to run, but she also loves to lay down under a blanket The Mullens fiest, Barger fiest, mountain fiest, and American treeing fiest are all good squirrel dog breeds. Most fiests and curs make great family dogs, are good with kids, and will be a loyal companion as long as they live. Read Next: Hunting With Dogs is the Best Way to Bag Late-Winter Squirrels. Hounds make Good Squirrel Dogs Too. There. Interactive toys can keep an intelligent dog such as the Black Mouth Cur entertained for hours on end. The Black Mouth Cur makes a great family pet as long as it is trained and socialized from a young age. AKC. No cur breeds are currently recognized by the AKC but the Black Mouth Cur is considered a member of the Herding Group by the UKC The Black Mouth Cur Lab mix is a mixed breed dog combined from a Black Mouth Cur and a Labrador Retriever. This unique dog adopts the traits of both parents and is one of many breeds belonging to the cur family. For those unfamiliar, a cur is an English term used to refer to a mutt or a mixed-breed dog Mountain View Cur dogs are one of the rarest breeds amongst all the dog breeds in the world. These medium-sized dogs range from 35-55 pounds and have a length of 18-26 inches. One of the most attractive features of the Mountain View Cur is their appearance and color of their coat; they come in black, dark yellow, blond, and brown

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  1. The Black Mouth Cur loves being around humans and family and is great with children. However, their high exercise needs make this breed a poor choice for novice owners or those who can't keep up.
  2. The Mountain Cur is a decisive, courageous dog. Silent while on the trail. They have a strong desire to please. The Mountain Cur is not a submissive, laid back dog. Have guard dog capabilities. They are very protective of property and family. You can find Mountain Cur puppies priced from $250 USD to $350 USD with one of our credible breeders
  3. Feb 20, 2017 - Explore Deborah Owens's board Mountain Cur photos on Pinterest. See more ideas about mountain cur dog, puppies, dogs
  4. There is a relatively good chance of finding a Cur Shepherd mix this way. Rescues, especially in Southern states where this breed mixture is common, may also have one of these types of dogs. When you adopt a shelter dog or get a dog from a rescue, you are helping out a dog that needs a good home
  5. The Black Mouth Cur is a purebred from the Southern United States. This intelligent and adaptable pooch makes an excellent working dog for a farm or companion dog for an active family. Find out more, plus where you can find Black Mouth Cur puppies
  6. This is a great family dog. The Mountain Feist dog is affectionate, loyal, and all-around a good dog. They take time to warm up to other animals such as cats and dogs. They are not hypoallergenic as they do shed on occasion. You can find this dog breed on the market at a very affordable price
  7. I got a mountain cur/black mouth cur runt that ive had for 6 years. Girl is an amazing dog, i keep her inside shes about 100 lbs. I too worked with rescue. She was 4 weeks when i got her, gets along well with other dogs she is an alpha, loves to hunt, and very protective of family..and extremely smart..great with kids.
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Boston Terrier Mountain Cur Mix History. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isn't much history to them. Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though I am sure that this mixed breed found it's share of dogs to the shelter due to accidental breeding Find Mountain Curs for Sale in Wheeling-Steubenville on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood

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Mountain Cur Welsh Terrier Mix History. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isn't much history to them. Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though I am sure that this mixed breed found it's share of dogs to the shelter due to accidental breeding Although friendly and loyal, like most hunting dogs the Mountain Cur's true nature is in the hunt, not in the home. Many people introduce other breeds into the Mountain Cur; however, with the exception of the Hound's fine nose, this is not necessary as a good Cur should have all the right hunting dog traits 3. Mountain Cur: The mountain cur was never bred for the show ring. Instead, it was developed by American pioneers by crossing the best stock of hounds, terriers and other breeds to create a dog that was adept at guarding the family farm, running down raccoons and squirrels, and even baying wild boar This loving and active breed is the first true American purebred, making a good family dog. These dogs are very responsive to kindness and are family-oriented but wary of strangers. Curs have an outstanding disposition and love kids. They are protective of the property and family, but not overly protective or aggressive

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  1. Cur Dogs Types of Curs in the Cur Family He is the black/ brindle dog and is training the other two Mountain Curs. Spied trees squirrel in the day and coon at night. Very good hunter and is a silent trailer. Cur dogs are a group of purebred dogs and their crosses specialized as multipurpose working/hunting dogs from the southern USA.
  2. The Black Mouth Cur dog was bred as a homestead dog that would protect it's family and home against intruders. This means that, a well-bred Black Mouth Cur dog is territorial. Most Black Mouth Cur dogs off their 'turf' work well with other dogs, hunting or herding stock, but on their family property will chase the same dog away
  3. But in recent years, I've also begun training mountain cur dogs, since I've learned that they make very-effective blood-trailing dogs. I've got one mountain cur that's only 2-years old that's really doing well at finding deer. I've got another older, 6-year-old mountain cur that's a super blood-trailing dog
  4. t dog and an excellent choice for hunters with modest stock-working needs. If your property is in bear country, rest assured that a couple of mountain curs will send a bruin packing. RETRIEVERS. I'm afraid I'm about to offend some readers

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It depends. Typically what people call a black mouth cur is just a tan mutt with a black mask. In fact, all of the dogs I've ever seen that were called black mouth curs were just tan mutts with a black mask. I've never seen a purebred black mouth. A true best friend a resilient hunting dog, the black mouth Cur is one of a kind. Known for being as swift as the wind, this is a strong and fearless breed. The Black Mouth Cur It is one of the most adorable dogs you will ever lay eyes on. They adorable dark muzzle, responsible for its name ca

Mountain cur puppy looking for a good family . Mountain Cur Fort Myers, Florida, United States . 3 Female Mountain Cur Squirrel Dog puppies available. DOB 11/28/17 UTD on all worming and shots. Both mom and dad good Squirrel Dogs. Very f... January 24, 2018. View more Curs are the most similar breed to Feist because of all the crossing back and forth over the centuries. My Mountain Curs had a tendency to get ill toward other dogs or strangers if you didn't socialize them like crazy. He might make a dog for you but my personal opinion is you will see why feist suit you so well A crossbreed, the Mountain View Cur is generally a mountain breed, however, differs from other mountain breed dogs. This breed doesn't come with the instinct for hunting like the American Staghound but they are quite clever and have a high level of self-control. This allows you to train it to be a great hunting dog The fearless Black Mouth Cur is definitely an excellent addition to any family. These dogs are loyal, protective, playful, and smart.. Aside from their agreeable temperament, Black Mouth Curs (BMCs) are known for their vibrant yellow, brown, or red coats, muscular built, and intelligent eyes Hamilton, Board Member for the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association, based in Jamestown, Tenn., favors the breed for which the Association is named. Original Mountain Curs have long been labeled a do-anything pioneer dog with strong roots and origins in the Volunteer State

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Golden Retrievers are not simply your good-looking family dogs, and the majority of hunters respect this breed as a decent choice for certain types of hunts. 24. Mountain Cur Mountain Cur - Lego - Large - Adult - Male - Dog. Mountain Cur - Lego - Large - Adult - Male - Dog Adoption fee is $80.00 and includes spay/neuter, vaccinations,... Savannah Tennessee Pets and Animals 80 $. View pictures

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The Cur Dogs Cur dogs are a southern tradition and we don't care what anybody thinks or says about them. They make a good family dog but will not tolerate being isolated, so some form of personal or family interaction with the dog is a daily requirement. deer, raccoon, mountain lion and black bear. They almost always track silent and. Look at pictures of Mountain Cur puppies who need a home. Woof! Why buy a Mountain Cur puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Mountain Cur puppies who need a home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari.. The Black Mouth Cur is a medium sized dog that has historically always been a working dog. With extremely high energy levels and with a strong, determined mind, this purebred dog certainly isn't for first time owners but can thrive in an active family who love to spend time outside and have experience with a pup

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LT's Mountain Cur Squirrel Dogs. We raise and train OMCBA dogs for squirrel and c**n. Our dogs are bred to be top notch on tree game. We sometimes have pups and started dogs for sale. Our kennels are headed by LT's Swagger. We are training some of his offspring right now and they are proving to be smart, early starting pups I am a member of the Original Mountain Cur Breeder's Association, Kemmer Stock Breeder's Association, Good Dog Breeder Approved, and have titled multiple dogs in the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, National Kennel Club, and International All Breed Canine Association The Bernese Mountain Dog may have started out as a farm dog, but these days, he's mainly kept as a loving companion. He can weigh up to 120 pounds, but his calm temperament and generally moderate activity level make him a great family dog. The biggest downside: a heartbreakingly short lifespan

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As a family dog, the Akita will certainly be playful, affectionate, courageous, and protective; a great addition to any 'pack'. They do, however, need to be only taken on by families that can provide firm and loving discipline. If you have young children, the Akita may not be the best breed for you as they can if mistreated become a liability. Mistreatment, it should be noted, does not. Breed: Mountain Cur Mix Age: 4 months Gender: Female. Maggie is a the definition of a sweetheart. She is a naturally submissive dog and does well very well with other dogs, cats, and children. Maggie is very quick to learn to new commands and is eager to please Mountain View Cur Association. February 2 ·. Accepting deposits now for our next MVC litters. Over 5 generations of Certified Tree Dogs. We have three awesome MVC females in with our three outstanding MVC studs. Yellow (blonde-golden- almost red) pups, contact: Mountain View Kennel, LLC at mvcr@scrtc.com. 33 Written by author Fred Gipson, the novel tells the story of a yellow Black Mouth Cur named Old Yeller and his relationship with the Coates family. Set in the 1860s in Texas, the story begins when a young boy named Travis and his family are temporarily left behind by their father to go on a cattle drive. During this time, a yellow dog wanders.

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Long-valued as a tough and dedicated working dog, does the Black Mouth Cur make a good family pet, too? Black Mouth Curs can be a great choice if you love active dogs and have lots of outdoor space. Let's take a closer look at some of the key characteristics of the breed, so you can make an informed decision before acquiring a dog from a. Mountain Cur Rescue Information: The Mountain Cur is a brave, rugged hunting dog. Mountain Curs are protective guardians of their families bred from tough dogs of the pioneer days. Mountain Curs are best suited to life in the country with plenty of space to roam and a job to do. Mountain Curs are smart and trainable, but they do not make good. Find Mountain Cur Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Mountain Cur information. All Mountain Cur puppies found here are from AKC-Registered parents Family members would carry them or they were carried in a wagon or on a pack horse.There have been many children babysat by an old Mt. Cur of the Southern Mtn.'s was a multi-purpose dog. Today they are used mainly as hunting dogs but there are some people that have discovered the many things that you can teach a Kemmer Stock Mt. Cur The Mountain Cur is a powerful, courageous and strong-willed hunter that tracks his game by scent. He is an agile, muscular, medium-sized treeing dog with a Mountain Curs are an American breed of treeing hound. Developed in the Explore some Embark dogs that share Mountain Cur ancestry. Previous Slide ︎. Dog sneezes are common and.