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  1. Total cutting length= 32.226 meter. Total weight of Steel required for one column. We have one formula for approx calculation for estimate and quantity of reinforcement. Weight= ( D^2/162) length kg. Weight = (12×12)/162 (32.226) kg. Weight = 28.645 kg for one column. If we have 10 column than
  2. Hello Friends,In this video We will calculate Column Bar Cutting Length for Building, Also calculate how much steel required for a particular column With Rin..
  3. Cutting length = Length of the member - Deduction for bends. (Length of the member = a+b+c in the image.Development length
  4. Cut length of concrete columns. I am facing an issue while making schedules of concrete columns, I want to show the exact volume and their cross section shape dimensions and the actual length so my end goal is to show 4 fields 1.width of column 2.length of column 3.actual height 4.volume so what is happening is length parameter calculates total.

Column Size = 300mm X 300mm. Stirrups - 8mm. Formula, Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrup = 4a + 2 numbers of hooks - 3 numbers of 90° bends - 2 numbers of 135° bends. a = 300 - 2 x Clear Cover = 300 - (2 x 25) = 250. Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrup = 4a + 2 numbers of hooks - 3 numbers of 90° bends - 2 numbers of 135. Cutting Length Formula for Rectangular Beam and Column (as Per Is 2502:1963 Page - 6) Formula of Cutting Length for Beam and Column Stirrup = 2 (a+b) + hooks (24 d) - 3 numbers of 90° bends - 2 numbers of 135° bends Step 3. Find Data According to Formul

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Cutting length for Square Stirrups:- Considered the column size as 450mm x 450mm Adopting Dia of Bar used for stirrups is 8mm Deducting the concrete cover 25mm from all sides (in square all sides are equal RINGS IN A COLUMN. Each ring has a HOOK at one of the corners which keeps the ring in its shape. The ring shall open if this hook is not given. Look at this chart to understand about the calculations of the hook length : look at this detail usually given in a RCC drawing : Now let us solve an example and find out the cutting length for LINKS. Cutting length = Total length of the beam - 2 sides of clear cover + Both side Development length (Ld) + Lap length (If the length of the beam is more than 12 m) Quantity of Beam Steel Total length of 20 mm bar = 56.6 m Total length of 16 mm bar = 171.35 As we know that lapping length required is 50d = 50 * Diameter of the bar = 50×20 = 1000 mm. We know that each bar is 12.25 m or 40 feet length (approx). Total Length of Vertical Bar = 14.2 m which is more than 12.25 m so each rod will be lapped at least once to attain the required length

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  1. Learn how to calculate cutting length directly from drawing with practical approach and learn to give cutting length of bars to the fitter. This video will a..
  2. Cutting Length of Square Stirrup = 4a + 2 numbers of hooks - 3 numbers of 90° bends - 2 numbers of 135° bends EXAMPLE SQUARE STIRRUP CALCULATION 1. We can Consider the column size as 225mm x 225m
  3. You can select all of the tubes that you want to shorten or lengthen and select the grip at the end to modify, then just move the cursor in the direction you want it to go and type in the dimension that you want it change. 05-01-2017 09:58 AM. 05-01-2017 09:58 AM. The quick and easy way is to draw a dummy beam at the length/height you want then.
  4. # Strirrups Steel Dia in mm: In this field, select the diameter of the column ring, Which should be mm # Clar Cover: In this box select the distance between the column and the ring (Clear Cover), Which should be mm Step 3. Cutting Length of Circular Stirrups If the above three steps are taken then you will see the length of steel cutting below it
  5. The cutting length of the diamond stirrup is done by using simple and easy formula. The Rings or commonly called ties are used, to avoid the lateral deformation of the reinforcement when we are pouring the concrete in columns

To determine the size of the stirrup Let us say, The column size is 20″ x 40″. We all know that the concrete clear cover for reinforcement of column is 1½. So the length of the stirrup will be 40″-2×1½=37″ and the width will be 20″-2×1½=17″ Total cutting length = 36 x 5337.8 = 192.16 m. Weight of short span bar = 97.21 x 0.617 = 59.97 k.g. ( 0.617= 10 2 /162 ) Weight of short span bar = 192.16 x 0.617 = 118.56 k.g. Calculate the bender weight by this same method. If you want to learn in detail calculation of steel in separately like column, beam, and slab comment me in below Cutting length=2*((w-cover)+(h-cover))+Ld Equation 10 where: w: column width h: column depth Ld: stirrup development length 2. Calculate number of stirrup by dividing column height over stirrup spacing plus one. 3. Estimate total length of stirrup which is equal to stirrup cutting length times number of stirrups

Method for Calculating Cutting Length of Stirrups Study the size of a beam or column on drawings Check the diameter of the bar given for stirrups (Mostly 8mm diameter is used for stirrups) Subtract the clear cover or concrete cover Steel fixer using bar bending schedule (BBS) for doing their work or installing the bar in column, beam or slab according to the bar bending schedule (BBS) that how much cut length or bending of bar will be needed and which size of steel should be use

(Length of Column) - (2 x Clear Cover) = 600 - (2 x 40) = 600 - 80 = 520 mm. Bas Apna kam ab asan ho gaya hain. Ab hum bas ek simple se formula ko use kar ke Cutting Length of Rectangular Shape Stirrups ko nikal sakte hain. CUTTING LENGTH OF RECTANGULAR SHAPE STIRRUPS = (2 x A) + (2 x B) + HOOK - BEN Suppose we have a column footing having a length 2m,width 2m and having a thickness .250m.The main bars is 12mm @ 150c/c and distribution bar is also 12 mm @150 c/c.The footing clear cover is 50 mm from top and 75mm from the bottom.Calculate the number of the steel is going to use in this column footing

The length one vertical bar is 4.640 m. we have total bar six bars, Total length = 6 x 4.640 = 27.84 m long vertical bar is required. Step 2: Cutting the length of stirrups in columns. The cross-sectional area of the column is 300 mm x 400 mm. A is the vertical cross-section area of the stirrup. B is a horizontal cross-section area of the. Cutting Length of Stirrups Posted in Civil Engineering Information, Student Corner | Email This Post | By Sourav Dutta Manager-Civil We generally designate stirrups by its external dimensions. For example, a 250mm x 300mm stirrup has the 250mm and.. Tweet. This construction video is recorded to provide you some useful tips for estimating the cutting length of the circular column stirrups. Here the radius of the column is taken as 400 mm. Dia of stirrup is taken as 8 mm. Concrete Cover is taken as 40 mm. Stirrups are also known as Links or Rings or Transverse Reinforcement Suppose we have a Column Footing having a Length 2 m, Width 2 m and having a Thickness 0.250 m. The main bars is 12 mm @ 150 c/c and Distribution bar is also 12 mm @ 150 c/c. Cutting Length of one Footing Main Bar: Length = {Total length - 2(Half diameter of the bar + Clear cover) + 2(Thickness of the slab -Bottom and Top clear cover. Cutting length = perimeter of ring + hook length - bend elongation. 1) first we calculate perimeter of stirrups. Perimeter= (a+2b) We have given length of column. Length=600 mm. First we calculate length of a that is base of triangular stirrups. Length of a =600_2cover_2×4(half dia of stirrups at both sides) a = 600_2×40_2×4 mm. Length of.

Cutting length of stirrup = 2a+2b + (2 x Hook length) - Bend deduction To prevent from buckling of column. The main requirement for safety against bond failure is to provide a sufficient extension of the length of the bar beyond the point where the steel is required to develop its yield stress and this length must be at least equal to its. Cutting length is always smaller than the actual length. When you go to make stirrups, you'll need to cut bars based on the cutting length. Otherwise, you won't get the required size of stirrups Kostenlose Lieferung möglic In column there are 6 numbers of steel with 12 mm diameter. 9. The size of the column is 200 x 300 mm. The following formula is used to determine the cutting length of column :-. CL = (Depth of footing - Cover - Main Bar - Distribution Bar) + L Length + Underground Column + Number of beam + Number of floor + Parapet Height + Development.

Cutting Length of a column Formula = 2(L+B)+20d-2x10d So, L=600-80=520mm B=300-80=220mm Cutting Length = 2 (520+220) + 10x8 = 2(740)+8 Somehow, with the cut option, when I piped in ps output, the only entries in the displayed results were the ones with the first column (as meant by the OP) being of length 5 and the ones with length 3 or 4 were not. There was a blank area before the displayed output, I guess this space is equal in line numbers (term height) as the above mentioned lines, with hidden 3 / 4 char wide first column. I want to cut the column which include the size of files . I use ls -l to view info about files in current localization . I save info about file in txt file ls -l > info.txt, and now I want to cut the column including size .I do cat info.txt | cut -d'' -f6 but i don't work . What I do wrong ? This include info.txt • Measuring column length correctly • Cutting your column correctly • How tight it too tight? • Clipping columns to deal with active sites, then updating retention times Page 51 Agilent Restricted. Common Care and Maintenance Scheme for GC Columns 1. Cut off 6-1ft of the inlet end of the column. 2. Bake out the column for no more.

The column cut is critical. Tighten with two wrenches - ¼ and 5/16 PTV . There should be 17mm of column above the sure to select the front ferrule size to match the column) Trim the end of the column with a column cutter. Thread the column nut and column into the detector base. Insert the column all the wa I don't cut many, so I use a metal cutting black abrasive blade (about $3 or $4) on my circular saw. I tick mark the length, then wrap a piece of paper around the column, matching the edges of the paper with the tick mark, and then mark the entire circumference of the coulumn. I cut through steel casing only, rolling the column as I cut The Delayed Column Generation method can be much more efficient than the original approach, particularly as the size of the problem grows. The column generation approach as applied to the cutting stock problem was pioneered by Gilmore and Gomory in a series of papers published in the 1960s

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Concrete beams vary in depth. The deeper the beam, the more shear capacity. When the depth is not adequate, steel stirrups must be added to increase the shear capacity of the beam. These stirrups are usually one piece of steel that is bent into a rectangular shape. Often small-diameter steel is used, such as #3 and #4 rebar Bar bending schedule ( BBS ) of footing./ Cutting length of bars in a column footing. param visions. December 09, 2020 No comments Let us prepare the bar bending schedule of the footing for the below-given drawing. Cutting length of the bar along the x-direction = [ {bar length in x - axis } +{ 2 nos. ×( L- bend length)}] - 2nos.×.

So the length of 1 vertical bar is 4.640 m and we have a total 6 number of bars, Total length = 6 x 4.640 = 27.84 m long vertical bar is required. Step 2: Cutting the length of stirrups. Cross-sectional area column is 300 mm* 400mm. A is vertical cross-section area of the stirrup. B is a horizontal cross-section area of the stirru 6 Cutting Steering Column - Threaded. It is recommend to use saw guide SG-1 (1″ column), SG-2 (1-1/8″ column), or SG-3 (1-1/4″ column) to cut threaded steering columns. This tool holds the fork square to the saw blade. Use of a good quality and sharp hack blade is needed for a properly cut column Cutting length Of 4 Legged Stirrups. Here I have Considered a column whose Length is 500 mm and Breadth is 400 mm. This Column contains 8 Longitudinal Main Bars of dia 20 mm and a Stirrups of diameter 8 mm. I have taken a 30 mm Clear cover. Bar Bending Schedule of Stair Case. Bar Bending Schedule of Continuous Beam. Bar Bending Schedule of Slab 1. Milling, which is commonly used to bring members to their required length and end finish. 2. Face machining, which can be used to finish large areas to exact dimensions. 3. Planing. 4. Grinding, which is commonly used for edge preparation, including treatment of flame-cut edges, removal of burrs, etc., when required

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Cutting Length of Stirrups. By Sourav Dutta Manager-Civil. We generally designate stirrups by its external dimensions. For example, a 250mm x 300mm stirrup has the 250mm and 300mm dimensions in perpendicular directions as shown in Fig 1. Now a stirrup has 2 bends, types of which are shown in Fig 1 and Fig 4 Stirrup cutting length = (212 x 2) + (312 x 2) + 160 = 1208 mm. In m, 1208 / 1000 = 1.208 m. Let's calculate cutting length of circular column: Column diameter = 600 mm. Stirrup diameter from center to center = 600 - (2 x 40) - (4 +4) = 512 mm [as there are two sides] Stirrup parameter = πd = 3.14 x 512 = 1608.704 mm

By default, Excel has a certain row height and column width, and when you enter anything that occupies more space than the current size of size, you'll see that it spills out (as shown below). In such cases, you can adjust the rows and columns to fit the text in the cell (so that the text is completely within the cell) To help control the size of an Excel worksheet, you can limit the number of columns and rows that a worksheet displays. In this guide, we show you how to hide (and unhide) rows and columns in Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, and Excel for Microsoft 365, as well as how to limit access to rows and columns using Microsoft Visual Basic for. Q:- Calculate the cutting length of the stirrups given in fig 1. Clear cover of beam is 25 mm & Diameter of stirrup is 8 mm. fig 1 : Cross section of beam. Ans:-Given data: Clear cover = 25 mm. Depth of beam = 450 mm. Width of beam = 300 mm. Diameter of stirrup =8 mm. Cutting length of stirrup = 2a+2b + (2 x Hook length) - Bend deduction. Where Bar Bending Schedule, commonly referred to as BBS is a comprehensive list that describes the location, mark, type, size, length and number, and bending details of each bar or fabric in a Reinforcement Drawing of a Structure. This process of listing the location, type and size, number of and all other details is called Scheduling Minimization of bar cutting wastage Column up to DPC and Column. E.g-Footing. Size - 1000 x 1000 x 250. R/f Details - Y10 at 225 C/C (B) Both ways. Table 1: Schedule for Footing, Column up to DPC and Column. Beam Reinforcement Beam is a horizontal structural member resting on two or more supports. It is used to transfer the load to the.

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Parts List - Cut Length. jlbmech (Mechanical) (OP) 5 Dec 06 16:20. I have a question in regards to the Parts List Cut Length column. I have it on the Parts List, but it is currently measuring to 4 decimal places and I would like it to be fractions to the nearest 1/16 or at least 2 decimal places. I also have some of them with parenthesis around. Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrups. 1) Stirrups use in Beam. 2) Tie Ring used in Column. By using an excel sheet you can easily find out the cutting length of stirrups or ring for column and ring or tie for beam. In building, not all column, the beam is same so the calculation of estimation of reinforcement bar required for startups or ring. Columns can have a maximum width of 255, which is the maximum number of characters in the standard font size that a column can hold. Using a bigger font size or applying additional font characteristics such as italics or bold may significantly reduce the maximum column width. The default size of columns in Excel is 8.43

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Select Column of Characters. To extract only a desired column from a file use -c option. The following example displays 2nd character from each line of a file test.txt. $ cut -c2 test.txt a p s. As seen above, the characters a, p, s are the second character from each line of the test.txt file. 2. Select Column of Characters using Range The first is a Java-standard annotation and the second is specific to Hibernate. @Column, though, is a JPA annotation that we use to control DDL statements. Now, let's go through each of them in detail. 3. @Size. For validations, we'll use @Size, a bean validation annotation. Let's use the property middleName annotated with @Size to validate. Bar Bending Schedule for Foundations, Columns, Beams and Slabs. Bar bending schedule is an important structural working document that rightly gives the disposition, bending shape, and total length of all the reinforcements that have been provided in the structural drawing, including the quantity. It is the bar mark from structural detailing.

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The first pattern (column) represents two cuts of length 8 and one cut of length 20. The second pattern represents two cuts of length 12 and one cut of length 16. Each is a feasible pattern because the total of the cuts is no more than logLength = 40 Gel Filtration Column. Bio-Rad has a range of gel filtration columns optimized for a wide array of uses — for fractionation within a size range and group separation. Size range fractionation is useful for purifying biomolecules with different sizes but similar physicochemical properties (charge, polarity, hydrophobicity, etc.), such as native.

Re: proc import problem with column length. Posted 07-15-2016 05:58 AM (51414 views) | In reply to Vendy. There is an option in proc import. Try to add before the run; GUESSINGROWS=X. This means that the format should be applied after X rows readed. View solution in original post. 2 Likes. Vendy. Obsidian 19. How to use cut list properties. You can use all properties from a cut list in drawing notes. The easiest way is to add a note, click the button Link to property, select Model found here, then Component to which the annotation is attached. Now you can select Length for example Cutting Length of Triangular Stirrups. Let's calculate the cutting length of the above triangular stirrup Cutting Length of Stirrup = Perimeter of Stirrup + 2 x Hook Length - 4 x 135° bends. To find out the perimeter of the triangle stirrup, we need to calculate the Value of H. As from the diagram (pythagorean theorem), H = √(a 2)+((b/2) 2 Please help! I am having trouble importing a file with mostly character columns. I am using csv, so that I can using the guessingrows row statement, since we can't using guessingrows for importing excel files. Though there are long comments, that are being split across subsequent columns. It looks like it may be due to commas in the text 6. Hi, if I understand you right you're displaying two columns with usually a couple of chars and lots of white space in between? You could cut them into place with substr () : Expand | Select | Wrap | Line Numbers. SELECT. substr (name,1,20) as name, substr (comment,1,60) as comment. FROM

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The column width or row height windows can be opened with keyboard shortcuts as well. Alt,O,R,E is the keyboard shortcut to open the Row Height window. Alt,O,C,W is the keyboard shortcut to open the Column Width window. The row height or column width will be applied to the rows or columns of all the cells that are currently selected In the dataset test the variable F1 had a length of 106, a format of $106. but it was still not wide enough to load a few of obs completely (they were in the last lines in excel and had a length of 140 or more). What I want is to widen the column, say, variable F1, to a length of 200, and have its format to be $200. . So how can i get it where variable-list is the variable or variables to which you are assigning the length number-of-bytes.The dollar sign ($) indicates that the variable is a character variable. The LENGTH statement determines the length of a character variable in both the program data vector and the data set that are being created. (In contrast, a LENGTH statement determines the length of a numeric variable. Columns in RISAFloor are assumed to be fully braced at each floor level when their unbraced length field is left empty/blank. You may specify unbraced lengths as a fixed distance or by using RISA's Unbraced Length Commands. The unbraced lengths are: Lbyy. Lbzz. Lcomp-top. Lcomp-bot. L-torque

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Filled Composite Columns Field-Cut Holes Bracing Connections to Column Webs. April 2016 Shop Primer Blocking, Chipping and Coping Oversized Holes and Bearing Connections Hanging Loads from Existing Holes . March 2016 Historical Requirements for Secondary Members Short-Term Corrosion Percent Composite Action Multiple Conditions in a Single WPS. For example: L1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1/4″ steel has a part number, regardless of the length it is cut to. In order to avoid a parts list that takes up an entire sheet in our drawing set, especially for large frames, we decided long ago to sort our parts lists by both Part Number and Length parameters. Unfortunately, the Inventor BOM editor only. Retrofit Steering Column S INCE 1986 www.ididitinc.com 610 S. Maumee St., Tecumseh, MI 49286 PH: (517) 424-0577 FAX: (517) 424-7293 The shaft of the gearbox will now need to be cut into a DD shaft. This is a round shaft with flats centered on two sides. An easy way to do this is to make a paper template. Create your own template by using th

This construction video is recorded to provide you some useful tips for estimating the cutting length of the circular column stirrups. Here the radius of the column is taken as 400 mm. Dia of stirrup is taken as 8 mm Concrete Cover is taken as 40 mm Stirrups are also known as Links or Ring Expand Cut List and right click on one of the subfolders and select properties. This will let you verify that the Total Length property was added in the update In the Drawing Once you have a drawing created for your weldment, create a Cut List for the weldment Create a column by right clicking on an existing row and selecting insert>colum from both ends of the new column as previously discussed (cutting of the column may be required to do this). 3. Trim a minimum of 2 cm from both ends of the column and check that a clean square cut has been made. See Figure 2. Figure 1: The two types of column seal used on Thermo Scientific GC columns How to calculate the cutting length of stirrups and lateral tie of ,beam and column? Ans: let suppose the cross section of the beam and column as given below cross section of the beam be (a x b)=250x300 mm cross section of the column (a x b)=300x300 mm and as we know from IS code clear cover (nominal cover) (Cc) of : beam =25 mm and column = 40 mm

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Cut away from this part the amount you want to shorten the column (the lathe is good for this since you can just chuck up the tubing). 4. About two inches down from where you cut the outter housing, cut off the inner shaft. 5. Cut out the amount you wish to shorten the entire column from the shaft 1 Design of Columns Introduction According to ACI Code 2.2, a structural element with a ratio of height-to-least lateral dimension exceeding three used primarily to support compressive loads is defined as column. Columns support vertical loads from the floor and roof slabs and transfer these loads to the footings

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Lally Columns Custom Cut to Size. Order Online or Call Us Toll-Free at 1-800-679-8718. Do you need a custom size Lally Column? Just tell us the height or length you need and we can get started today! Our Lally Columns are 4 inches in diameter and made of 11 gauge steel Preparing to Cut the Fiberglass Column. Place the column on its side and brace it for stability. Measure to the desired length and mark the column at the cut line. Apply a layer of low-tack masking tape around the column at cutting length in order to protect the cut edge from being chipped by the saw blade. Use a circular saw with a masonry or. Limit characters length in a cell. 1. Select the range that you will limit date entries with specify character length. 2. Click the Data validation in the Data Tools group under Data tab. 3. In the Data Validation dialog box, select the Text Length item from the Allow: drop down box. See the following screen shot: 4 Each raster was cut after selecting the Snap Raster option under Environment | Processing Extent. Eachof the rasters output shared identical extent, rows/columns and cell size which was desirable. I then converted my USGS/NCRS Soils shape file (containing ~25,000 polygons) to a raster using the cell size of the other raster files (slope, dem.

Cutting Length = 1700 - 248. Cutting Length = 1452. Cutting Length = 1.45 m . Step- 2 Cutting Length of X-Axis. Cutting Length = Length (X-Axis) - (2x Cover) + (2x Height) - 4 Cover (For L Upside) - Bend. Cutting Length = {1000-(2 x 50)} + (2 x 300) - (4 x 50) - (2 x 2 x 12) Cutting Length = 900 + 600 - 200 - 48. Cutting. column: common industry practice is to categorize the bars as other types of bar, and not top bars. A contract column schedule from the engineer may show the columns to be lap-spliced every floor. Depending on the size of the column vertical reinforcing bars for the Detailing Corner Detailing Corner Joint ACI-CRSI Committee 315-B

1. Bar Length Deduction as per Indian Code IS 2502 Deducts Bar Length with K Factor as per IS Code 2. Bar Length Deduction as per British Code BS 8666 Deducts Bar Length with r Factor as per BS Code 3. Bar Length Deduction as per Site Practices Deducts Bar Length One Dia. For each 90 Deg. Bend 4. Without any Deductions in Bar Length 15, 30 and 60 m. Once a column is used for a certain method and the method describes a certain column length, the used will always stick to that length. More experienced users will buy a longer column, and cut it to the exact length. This is, however, not common practice. Impact of Column Length on The Separation The theoretical plate number o

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A minimum of 3 bars evenly placed in the lap length is required. (5) Where the direction of the longitudinal bars changes, (e.g. at changes in column size), the spacing of links should be calculated, taking account of the lateral forces involved. These effects may be ignored if the change of direction is less than or equal to 1 in 12 To resize columns numerically, i.e. specify an average number of characters to be displayed in a cell, do the following: Select one or more columns that you wish to resize. To select all columns, press Ctrl + A or click the Select All button. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format > Column Width • In the area common to intersecting column strips, the maximum permitted opening size is 1/8 the width of the column strip in either span (Section; and • In the area common to one column strip and one middle strip, the maximum permitted opening size is limited such that only a maximum of 1/4 of the slab reinforcement in either stri