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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Studs He is currently in training and will be running in the NAVHDA Utility test in Sept, and have great expectations he will do very well. He is OFA rated Excellant, KBKB, and very well put together overall.. Cascade Griffons - Home. Welcome to Cascade Griffons, hunters and breeders of Wirehaired. Pointing Griffons. Producing fine versatile hunting dogs, 'For hunters, By hunters'. Awarded 2012 and 2019 NA Breeders Award by NAVHDA. Our stud, Sage is finally ready. He is definitely special SH Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer SM Small Munsterlander SPSpinone ST Stichelhaar VI Vizsla WM Weimaraner GR Wirehaired Pointing Griffon WV Wirehaired Vizsla iv Introduction The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a legally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to fostering, improving, promoting Roughrider Kennel is a small family-owned NAVHDA registered kennel. We are located in the heart of North Dakota pheasant country near Bismarck. For over thirty years, we have trained and hunted with quality gundogs. But it was our discovery of the unique qualities of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon that has made them our passion Greenhorn Mountain Grifs is a breeder of Hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss Griffs. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons (AKC & NAVHDA registered) GREENHORN MOUNTAIN GRIFFS. Home. Our Next Litter. Gallery. Pepper & Chili as Pups; Puppy Galleries. America Litter (8 May 18) Basketball Litter (27.

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We decided to seek a different breed; that is when we found the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons have a strong drive, excellent temperament, a superior nose and a proper coat. We believe in Form and Functionproper form translates to less field injuries as well as endurance, stamina and efficiency in the field NAVHDA. More. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Life is Better With a Griff. We were very fortunate to come across the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed years ago. This dog is not only a great hunter with the best nose we've ever seen, but also and very importantly, a fantastic family companion. Our dogs give all they've got in the field The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a wonderful hunting companion and family pet. Loving, affectionate, and full of character, The Griff is in its element when hunting and pointing game. David is also involved in the Central Oregon NAVHDA chapter and has served as President of the chapter for two years. With years of knowledge and experience.

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Beaux pointing huns. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon sneaking on huns. lived to 14 years old Beaux passed away on February 2, 2020. Great friend Bluestem Kennels ~ Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Bellevue, NE. 1,857 likes · 2 talking about this. Bluestem Kennels is an AKC/NAVHDA Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeder licensed through the Nebraska.. We exclusively train Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, 36 years experience. Hun Hill Kennel is one of the oldest and most recognized HUNTING Wirehaired Pointing Griffon kennels in the United States. Our dogs are well known for possessing uncommon prey drive. We hunt approximately 150 days a year on wild birds from Montana to Arizona These Idaho Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon are out of hunting stock, but will also make a great companion. We strive to bring quality and excellent to the wirehaired pointing griffon breed. They are AKC Registered and can also be registered with NAVHDA.Griffs have natural hunting abilities and are great with birds and waterfowls The Natural Ability Test is designed to evaluate the inherent natural abilities of young dogs and gain insight into their possible usefulness as versatile gun dogs. It rates seven important inherited abilities: nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire, and cooperation. NAVHDA is the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Whiskeytown Wirehaired Pointing Griffons perform excellently as pets and sporting dogs. Be it in the show ring, the field, obedience, just lying on the couch, therapy dog work, or search and rescue. Sporting Dogs are members of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association and NAVHDA North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association Dogs:Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Don Clark Germantown, TN. Justin Clark Smiths Station, AL. Sara Clark Augusta, GA. Bill Cleveland Tupelo, MS. Shane Cooper Flat Rock, AL William Crane Smyrna, GA will@wcraneconstruction.com. Brian MacQueen Eagleville, TN. Daniel Marks Bishop, GA. Larry and Shelby Marshal

In the Field. First and foremost a versatile working companion for the hunter on foot, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is as much at home hunting upland game birds as a pointer, as he is swimming for a waterfowl retrieve. In the manner of the Continental breeds, the Griffon is well regarded for his ability to hunt a variety of game Lastly, she was Secretary for the Southern New England Chapter of NAVHDA for one year. Prior to becoming a conformation judge with AKC in 2011, Linda served for several years as the Judges' Education Coordinator and primary presenter for the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association We have been breeding Wirehaired Pointing Griffons in the Tradition of Korthals for over 15 years. We have very good test scores from many of our Past Litters.To learn more about our breeding program and kennel history, read the About Us page. To learn more about the breed, read the Resources page. To read updates on our most recent litters, follow us on the Updates page The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (also called the Korthals Griffon and the Griffon d'arrêt à poil dur Korthals in France and Quebec) is a breed of dog used in hunting as a gundog. It is sometimes considered to be Dutch in ancestry, due to the nationality of the breed founder, Eduard Karel Korthals

Beaux hunting close to home. Hungarian partridge. Not much cover yet for the birds. He still did great sneaking up on them. 50 + yard stalk on tiny birds Started Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Dogs at Ear Mountain Griffons in Choteau, Montana is a kennel dedicated to the Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. We breed, raise, train and rescue these versatile gundogs and companion Dave and I have been training and raising hunting dogs since 1986. We started with the Brittany. We obtained our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Upland's Purdy Schatze born back in 1991 almost 30 years ago and have done quite w e ll with this wonderful breed and the litters we have produced. We have recieved 18 NA NAVHDA BREEDER'S AWARDS date - starting back in 1996 Recognized Versatile Hunting Dog Breeds. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association defines the versatile dog as one that is bred and trained to dependably hunt and point game, to retrieve on both land and water, and to track wounded game on both land and water. ~ NAVHDA Aims, Programs, Test Rules NAVHDA currently recognizes 30 different breeds of versatile hunting dogs The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America, which is the group that promotes the 'Foufon,' has created its own registry, written its own standard and conducts its own field trials. Tribble (Ch. Kyloe's Trekking K.B. Tribbles, with CD JH CGC NAVHDA Prize III) one of Chuck and Karen Speiss' WPGs, says, The bird's right here

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeder Homepage. As a puppy buyer you must agree to be or become a NAVHDA member and test you puppy in the NA test prior to 16 months of age. As a puppy buyer, you will be expected to maintain contact with us and we will do our best to support your efforts in developing your dog. We truly enjoy the relationships. Breeder of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Our Wisconsin kennel has been raising griffon puppies for over 15 years in the Korthals tradition. NAVHDA pedigree dogs Colorado based Greenhorn Mountain Griffs webpage built to showcase Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies. (318) 347-5990 Wirehaired Pointing Griffons (AKC & NAVHDA registered Home - Wingville Gundogs--Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Wingville Gundogs breeds top quality hunting and companion dogs that are AKC and NAVHDA registered. Quality bloodlines and proven hunters. We breed dogs for the field and family! We are located in the driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin on 100 acres of grasslands, woods, stream and a. NAVHDA WPG PLANNED LITTER. Hun Hill Finnigan x Coppershots Royal Jovi Leigh. Versatiles - Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Puppies for Sale. Posted on 06/24/2021 - - Last updated on 07/13/2021. $2,000.00 [ Click for Details] WIREHAIRED POINTING GRIFFON PUPPIES. REMINGTON x BERETTA

With more than 100 Ear Mountain Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy placements into loving and caring homes as evidence, quality of placement is our watchword. Recently, there has been some criticism of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon kennels deigning to treat puppy sales as a placement or adoption The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a high-energy hunting dog that is bred to hunt and love to do so. They are loyal, people loving dogs who do not do well in a kennel, on a run, or away from their people. They need active owners who include them in activities. All of our rescued WPG are either neutered or spayed and micro chipped before. Dedicated to producing and training the finest Hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Our dogs were chosen for their incredible hunting instincts, strong athletic physiques and trainability. In the late 1800s a Dutch sportsman and an avid hunter named Eduard Karel Korthals set out to create what he considered to be the perfect foot hunter's. United States. Bellevue, NE. Bluestem Kennels ~ Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Bluestem Kennels is an AKC/NAVHDA Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeder licensed through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. 09/05/2020. A great opening day: a limit of sharptailed grouse! Obi and Ruth getting it done with Charles in the Nebraska Sandhills. 08/26/2020 I discovered Griffs and soon realized that the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (WPG or Griff) is the best kept secret in gundogs. Shortly thereafter, I discovered NAVHDA and met some wonderful new friends who shared the same passion for gundogs and hunting that I did, and who unselfishly shared their training knowledge with me

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon world recently lost two special breeders, Jan Resler of Potowotomi Kennel in Wisconsin and Philippe Roca of Des Vignes Rouges Kennel in Kentucky. Jan was a strong woman with an intense passion for the breed. She bred, trained, showed and hunted Griffs and excelled at all of it Fazer earned a NAVHDA UT PI and a Master Hunter title in 2012, and was the 2008 #6 All Breed and #9 Breed Griff show dog with only 5 weeks of showing. He was awarded the 2007 AWPGA Versatile Griffon Award and the 2008 AWPGA Open Obedience Dog of the Year award

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Outpost Griffon - Maine Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeders Puppies for sale listings from the best gun dog breeders, trainers and kennels. With some training and being actively involved in NAVHDA she is an amazing hunter. She has been on quail, chukar, pheasant, woodcock and grouse. Tracking, pointing and retrieving in any situation. Exceptional Griffon puppies for sale in Montana. Both parents come from multiple AKC Champions on both sides. Both parents come from NAVHDA Natural Ability and Utility competition prize winners on both sides. The Sire is JXs Aldo Rocco, who is the son of CH VC Griffe DAutomne Mr. Brown, aka Jacque, and the grandson of one of the most well known Griffons of all time, PALOS TRIANGLE COTE ROANNAISE I have been researching different breeds for over a year and have been bouncing around between the lab, vizsla, wirehaired pointing griffon, and now the drahthaar. Everytime I feel like I have a good idea of what I want I read something else negative about that breed. JGHV or JGV-USA and NAVHDA tests are very similar though the JGHV may. We raise and breed Wirehaired Pointing Griffons with the guidance of longstanding Griff breeder, Glacier Kennels. All puppies are dual registered with both AKC and NAVHDA. We do full health testing including: Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes and Thyroid. We have no litters planned for 2021. Hoping for a litter in January 2022 Expected litter: 8/1/2021 Whoa Nellie's Wilma, OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal and Aspen Glo Hunter (Moose) NA 112, OFA Hips Good This litter comes from a line of NAVHDA champion dogs with exceptional pedigrees

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The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is my favorite multipurpose dog. These guys are retrieving machines, have incredible noses and will point anything that moves. The Griff is far superior to the German Shorthair Pointer ( GSP ) because the Griffon's retrieving drive is stronger and they have a coat that is built for cold weather duck hunting Breed Profile. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are trainable versatile dogs. The male Griffon weighs 50-70 pounds while the female weighs 35-50 pounds. The male's height is 22-44 inches and the female's 20-22 inches. They have strong medium-sized bodies covered with a grey coat with brown markings

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What I discovered was that the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon was created mainly in Germany by a Dutchman working under the patronage of an Anglophile German prince. Today, there is still a remnant population in Germany and even a small club for the breed there.But France has the largest population of Griffons and the largest and most influential Griffon club HG's CK HG's Cota's Keoki (CK) NA Prize I, 112 UT Prize II, 197 OFA WG-2570G24M-VPI OFA WG-EL619M24-VPI OFA WG-TH101/24M-VPI OFA WG-EYE245/43M-VPI DNA tested with AKC and NAVHDA Mr. Majestic, Our special superstar CK Available for Stud CK is the son of Duchess Gracie Decota (Cota), NA Prize I 112, UT Prize I, 204 (maximum scores possible) and JX's Atticus Augustus (Gus), UT Prize II, UPT Prize. German Wirehaired Pointer. Blue Collar Kennel Versatile Dog Training Puppies, Started and Trained Dogs. Art Trujillo Lebanon South Dakota 801-710-636 by Grant. We raise and sale purebred, AKC registered wirehaired pointing griffon puppies here in Idaho for many years. Our kennel is out of Buhl Idaho. We strive to bring quality and excellent to our dogs. Here are some of testimonials that we have gathered through out the years that shows how dedicated we are to our breeding program

We are committed to testing hunting traits through the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. We are informed by the values of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association. G and H litters received NAVHDA Breeder's Award. I- Litter expected in June. Beretta 194 UT 2 (pictured above) x VC WINDY BACCA NORTON Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Yes, NAVHDA Registration. Jan 30, 2017 Date of Birth. 78 lbs Weight. She has champion bloodlines in his pedigree. Dam has a coat that is brown/liver in color. When she's not taking care of her puppies she enjoys hunting, running, and working In Europe Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are called Korthals Griffons, named after Eduard Korthals, who is credited for developing the breed. In 2012 the first Korthals Cup, a hunt test competition just for Griffons, was held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in conjunction with the AWPGA (American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association) Specialty Show The 386 reserves the right to refuse a sale to any purchaser that is determined by us as unfit or incompatible with ownership of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. In the event that a purchase is refused, we will refund the full deposit to the buyer. Purchase Terms and Conditions. A signed agreement will be required prior to pick up or delivery of.

About this Breeder: Breeders of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons for the past 15 years, we have a 2 year guarantee against all genetic defects and 26 months against hip dysplasia, pups have first shots and are dewormedand are reg. at the C.K.C. we invite you to visit our site and please feel free to send us an email or a phone call if more info is needed AWPGA www.awpga.com NAVHDA www.navhda.org www.gcvnavhda.org www.norcalnavhda.com American Kennel Club www.akc.org Orthopedic Foundation for Animals & PennHi Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Page - American Kennel Club. Breed Page . Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of Northern California. www.cwpgc.com . Griffon Pedigree Database. w ww.awpgadb.com

Vigilante Griffons: 5185 Hidden Valley Dr., Helena, MT 59602: www.vigilantegriffons.com pg. 2 Evaluation Program We feel that the evaluation program gives you a chance to own the type of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon you desire. The success of our puppy evaluation program varies by litter. We offer it to ensure ou Gus is one of 9 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies whelped and available for sale in his litter. The puppies in the litter were born on Friday, February 19, 2021. His breeder has carefully selected to feed them Purina, Pro Plan. Their favorite food formulation is High Protein Dry Puppy Food with Probiotics, Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a very intelligent dog, very suited to country life. He likes living with families who have an active outdoor schedule and especially like playing in the water. Breed Group: Sporting. Weight (lbs): 50-60. Height (in): male: 22-24, female: 20-22. Colors

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(Note: If you joined Eagle Rock NAVHDA after September 30, your membership is good through the next calendar year.) As a new member, you and your dog will benefit from the knowledge of experienced members. Get help training for hunting and tests. In Eagle Rock NAVHDA, members help each other, and you'll be surrounded by [ Checkers is one of 9 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies whelped and available for sale in his litter. The puppies in the litter were born on Friday, February 19, 2021. His breeder has carefully selected to feed them Purina, Pro Plan. Their favorite food formulation is High Protein Dry Puppy Food with Probiotics, Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice 1300.00. $1,300 Price. Meet Pigeon! This puppy has a very outgoing personality and has demonstrated strong pointing instincts. Playful and energetic and loves everyone. NAVHDA and AKC registration possible. Both parents are great hunting dogs and family companions. Puppy Snapshot. Date of Birth: February 19, 2021

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful dog training and testing organizations in North America. Founded in 1969, the organization was started in Goodwood, Ontario, Canada by a group of pudelpointer and griffon enthusiasts. NAVHDA is a nonprofit whose purpose is defined as to foster, promote, and improve the versatile. GCH Am Intl CH UCH Zerubbabel von Herrenhausen MHA NAVHDA NA Prize I CGC . WG-1609E24M-PI WG-EL120M-PI. First Griffon to earn the AKC Master Hunter Advanced title NAVHDA NA Prize I - 112 points at just 32 weeks old! Finished his JH with 2 high in stakes - Completed his SH and moved up to qualify his first MH leg on the same day.

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Sky is originally out of Alibitoo Kennel with the late breeder Patricia Loomis. Mrs. Pat was an AKC Breeder of Merit and extremely respected by the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Community nationwide. Sky is from the lineage of VC Alibi's Montana Gold. Sky earned NA Prize 1 - 112 from her NAVHDA Test. PennHip R 0.14 L 0.24, KbKb by parentage The Korthal's Griffon is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. It is not the same as the German Wirehaired or Deutscher Drathaar. The German Wirehaired & Drathaar are the same breed with different breeding and registration organizations and emphasis. NAVHDA results are a good indicator, but not the only one. There is a split in the WPG community. I'm looking into getting a griffon. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I've ran labs for years so how do they compare in terms of demeanor. My 7 and 9yr old boys really want one but I'm concerned they will be high strung. I hunt mostly river ducks, field geese and quail Welcome to GapView Griffons! Our goal is to acquaint you with the amazing Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and give you a birds-eye-view into our lives dogs, family, friends, faith and all! We hope you enjoy getting to know us and we look forward to getting to know you as you leave comments and contact us

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  1. Re: Looking for good Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeder Post by sure as shootin » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:48 pm It seems like there's a fair number of griffon breeders that are breeding oversized dogs according to what the standard isfemales 20-22, males 22-24 and dogs between 50 and 60 pounds
  2. My own research pointed me towards the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Its temperament seemed to be such that it would gel with our family's aggressive, fourteen-pound, lap dog we rescued in 2010. In addition to their amiable temperament, I found several sources that called the griffon the perfect breed for the walking hunter
  3. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeder in Southern California. Dedicated to preservation breeding. Breeding decisions are made to improve upon each generation, striving for excellence in prey drive, biddability and meeting the breed standard. No shortcuts are taken to breed healthy, happy, versatile griffons. We believe in quality over quantity
  4. When choosing a pup, question the breeder on which breeding program they subscribe to, the WPGCA (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America) or the AWPGA (American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association). In the 80s the WPGCA began a program of crossbreeding pure Griffons with the Cesky Fousek to produce a WPG with more drive
  5. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons WHELP DATE: 5/8/08 NAVHDA & AKC Registered Sire: Plum Creek's Lookout Point Huntley OFA Excellent #WG-1213E36M-PI NA Prize II, 105 Points AKC Reg. #SN78883603 Findy Von Schattan Hain x Whitewater's Autumn Mist Dam: Upland's Shooting Star Hailey OFA Good #WG-1588G26F-PI AKC Reg. #SR4521850
  6. Wild Bill. I purchased a pup last fall from Kanzakaw Wirehaired Pointing Griffon's and owner Kevin Crisp out of the Lawrence area in Kansas. I am very happy with the dog. He is great in the house, and he recently passed his NAVHDA Natural Ability test and has shown great promise for this and future hunting seasons

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  1. OFA WG-1197G27F / NAVHDA NA PI. Barney was thawed from his frozen slumber on. January 29th, 2008 and we are expecting little Griffs. around April 1st, 2008. Enfield and Sage Ridge are. expecting wonderful puppies from this breeding. We. expect great coat, great hunting instinct, great cooperation. and, of course, great show ring presence
  2. AR Kennel and Wirehaired Pointing Griffons We are a Midwest family, in the heart of Iowa, that loves the outdoors and passionate about all the ventures our life provides!. It is a family event in developing the Perfect Dog for our family and for the field
  3. UPDATE : CUTTER IS CONFIRMED PREGNANT. PUPS DUE MID JULY 2020! Hoss and Cutter We are excited to have the opportunity to have bred Cutter, (Supreme Point's Tailing Fastball at Woodecoy JH) to Hoss (Supreme Point's Sky's The Limit, AKC major pointed, NAVHDA NA PII). Puppies are due July 18, 2020 and will go hom

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  1. We are thrilled to share with you Maddie's litter! We have 8 puppies with 4 females and 4 males. This litter is with Hun Hills Mr.Brown, an AKC champion. He is quite the Dog! Both Mr.Brown and Maddie took Prize 2 at NAVHDA. Maddie has been tested good for hip dysplasia and normal for her elbows. Her registered color
  2. Helpful Pointing Breed Links Regarding NAVHDA Recognized Pointing Breeds: NAVHDA international and Southern Minnesota NAVHDA support the training and testing of these pointing breeds. The purpose of this page is not to recommend any one pointing breed. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club Of America American Wire.
  3. Ragnar x Cutter pups born June 12, 2019; ELEVEN pups, 5 boys, 6 girls! We are excited to announce our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon litter born June 12, 2019. 11 beautiful, healthy puppies. Cutter (Supreme Point's Tailing Fastball at Woodecoy JH) has been bred to Ragnar (GCH Glacier Frontier Summer Better Than Others NAVHDA NA P-II


About Us Sean and Monica Allen have been raising Wirehaired Pointing Griffons since 2014, prior to that they raised and trained guide dogs for the blind. As a professional trainer, Sean apprenticed under noted trainers Jeff Jeppson and his father, Kendall Allen. The Allen family has a true passion for hunting, camping, hiking and all About Us Read More Southern Minnesota Chapter of NAVHDA: Home Events > Locations Membership About Us > > Pay Online SLOVAKIAN WIREHAIRED POINTER SH SLOVAKIAN ROUGH-HAIRED POINTER SMALL MUNSTERLANDER SM SPINONE SP STICHELHAAR ST VIZSLA VI WEIMARANER WM WIREHARIED POINTING GRIFFON GR WIREHAIRED VIZSLA WV. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to foster, promote, and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America; to conserve game by using well trained reliable hunting dogs on both land and water; and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted. The GWPCA Breeder/Kennel Directory is a form of classified advertising where members of the GWPCA can pay a fee for an annual listing in the directory. The Breeder/Kennel Directory is for GWPCA members who have acknowledged the GWPCA Code of Ethics and is published as a service to club members and interested members of th

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  1. We are a small family run kennel in Southeast Idaho dedicated to raising AKC and NAVHDA quality Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies. Our dogs are bred to ensure excellent genetic health, quality confirmation and a strong, natural hunting instinct. Also of great importance to us is producing a loyal family pet
  2. Recognized Versatile Hunting Dog Breeds. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association defines versatility as the dog that is bred and trained to dependably hunt and point game, to retrieve on both land and water, and to track wounded game on both land and water. ~ NAVHDA Aims, Programs, Test Rules. Versatile Hunting Dog In The Fiel
  3. Mid-Atlantic Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association. National Shoot to Retrieve Assoc. (NSTRA) North American Gamebird Assoc. North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc. (NAVHDA) NAVHDA Local Chapters. Other Breeds of Interest: German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

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  1. German wirehaired pointers, German shorthaired pointers, pudelpointers, wirehaired pointing griffons and weimaraners are the most common versatile breeds found in the duck blind. That being said, plenty of Spinoni, braque breeds, vizslas, Munsterlanders, Brittanys and other versatiles have proven their worth as dependable waterfowl retrievers
  2. Check out these links to wonderful kennels, organizations, and information which will help you make informed decisions regarding the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
  3. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Hun Hill Kennel - Home | Facebook. Services. Gun dog training. Extended stay and hourly training options. NAVHDA and AKC hunt test preparation. Trained retrieve the kinder gentler way. Wild bird hunting. Starts at $75 per hour or $850 per month, plus birds. See All

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Contents Adequate amounts insulin Carefully bred dogs Pointing griffons. puppies Equal parts golden retriever Wire-haired pointing griffon The Poodle, called the Pudel in German and the Caniche in French, is a breed of water dog.The breed is dived into four varieties based on size, the Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle, although [ The Red River chapter does not and is not authorized to speak or act on behalf of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Inc. The accuracy of any statements or information posted on or derived from use of this web site is not verified, and may not reasonably be relied upon

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About Us. Wild Rose, a sanctioned local chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, was founded in 2003 and comprises members throughout the province of Alberta and its neighbouring provinces. Alberta's Wild Rose chapter is a dedicated group of versatile dog owners and hunter conservationists dedicated to honing the. The bissel grade is a vast area of rough, rugged land where I spend a lot of time hunting with our dogs. It is our goal to produce dogs equally tough and rugged with inherent natural abilities to point and retrieve game, and be great companions at home. Our dogs get hunted hard in the north-woods of Wisconsin on ruffed grouse, woodcock and.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon NAVHDA Utility Duck Search Training. Gridmarch. 4:22. Griffon Korthals de Almayate. Mannie Livia. 7:58. Griffon Korthals, Aire de Almayate compitiendo en prueba de primavera. Stephan Arman. 0:42. Weimaraner dust mopping with Bichon Frise puppy, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (WPG) defends Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. AT STUD FROM. Ear Mountain Griffons. OF CHOTEAU, MONTANA. Curry Wins Puppy Group One (Courtesy Holloway Photo). About Curry. Curry, (GCH CH Ear Mountains Outlaw Kid Curry SH) is a dog I share with Dick Byrne, of Flatbrook Sporting Dogs of San Diego. Well, Dick took him to California, and before Curry became 15.

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Breeders of champion wirehaired pointing griffons for the field and the show ring. Versatile gun dogs that excel in all aspects of hunting upland game birds and waterfowl; [ click for details ] We have received a (navhda) north american versatile hunting dog association breeder award for every litter we have bred NAVHDA. The person in Portland, Maine who was keeping interest in Griffons alive was Cliff Morton. He and a few others were breeding some Griffons and by coincidence, luck, karma, a guy named Lou Taxiarchis became interested in Griffons. He got a pup from Carl Wibe, a friend of Cliff's, another old timer

Grandview Griffons | Hunting Dog BreedersRecognized Breeds - NAVHDACECAP Versatile Pointing Dog Training Center | Hunting DogBreeders | Wasatch Mountain NAVHDA Chapter