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There are countless things associated with India. Hereunder I would explain it in brief: 1. History: Historically, Pakistan has been a part of India. So we share a lot in common. Being a Muslim, most of the past Muslim rulers, leaders, scholars, w.. Pakistan has long been in the habit of feeling superior to India in economic terms. At the start of the 90s when I was, bafflingly, taking A-level economics in Karachi, our teacher taught us all we.. Chapter 6. How Pakistanis and Indians View Each Other. Pakistan's relations with its neighbor remain tense, and over the last five years Pakistani attitudes towards India have become more negative. Currently, only 14% of Pakistanis see India in a positive light, while 75% give the country an unfavorable rating In 1991, the Pakistani economy was 17 per cent as large as India's. By 2017, a decade-and-a-half of being outmatched on economic growth has left us less than 12pc their size. This is a 41pc.

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  1. Have been there that too twice. Kabul and Kandahar. Kabul is as beautiful as Shimla and Kandahar being a bit deserted, but none the less beautiful. Wish if aliens (sarcasm) wouldn't have invaded this beautiful place, things would have been differe..
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  3. Just a little over two hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted an acerbic offer to India, his government put out a status check of Pakistan's economy.PM Khan's adviser on finance and.
  4. What Pakistan People Think About India | India Pakistan Peace | Pakistan on India | Pakistan ReactionVideo Link :- https://youtu.be/VhrStKuSmec Wellcome To M..
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  6. The Indian economy in those days was bursting with animal spirits. So among these fans were Indian industrialists who descended in private jets. A Pakistani friend said later that it was when they saw those private jets arrive that they first realised how far ahead of Pakistan the Indian economy had gone

I have asked 100 People in Pakistan to see what they think about India.The Results are SHOCKING!WHAT DOES INDIA THINK ABOUT PAKISTAN? (PART 1)https://www.you.. #AfghanRefugee #NewIndia #Pakistan This is the story of Rukshana, 13-year-old Afghani refugee in India who is staying in India from last 2 years . TNN WORLD. India is almost 10 times bigger economy than Pakistan.So, spending on every sector be it defense, education, infra, healthcare etc will be larger than Pakistan पाकिस्तान में 25 जुलाई को आम चुनाव होने जा रहे हैं. बीते कुछ दिनों में हिंसा. India's Great Power game. Munir Akram Published September 28, 2014. The writer is a former Pakistan ambassador to the UN. THE election of Narendra Modi as prime minister and geopolitical.

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Pakistan is a different thing because you don't really have one person in charge. I think Pakistan is more dangerous to the US, he reiterated in response to a question. With Secretary of State Rex Tillerson having just concluded his India trip wherein he sought to elevate India-US relationship, Pressler said the US should declare Pakistan a. First I think Pakistan must start focusing on quality technical education. Back in 80s this kind of revolution started in south India. India will become the biggest economy by 2030 and we as. 1. UK - Do they have toilets ?? 2. US - If we won't hire IITians they will invent their own Facebook Twitter and Microsoft. 3. Italy - I've heard that they have re-invented pizza and they call it Aaloo Naan. 4. France - Indian food means you will. Just 13% think more immigration into India should be encouraged, and 11% think immigration levels should stay about the same as they are now. In 2017, just over 5 million people (or less than 1% of the population) living in India were born in other countries, with most of them coming from neighboring Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal

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The Indian economy is nine times the size of Pakistan's. India therefore offers greater opportunities for trade and investment. India therefore offers greater opportunities for trade and investment Pakistan is facing renewed international pressure to take action against the Lashkar-e-Taiba. What do ordinary Pakistanis think of it, and other anti-India terrorist groups India Pakistan; Economy - overview: India's diverse economy encompasses traditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries, and a multitude of services. Slightly less than half of the workforce is in agriculture, but services are the major source of economic growth, accounting for nearly two-thirds.

India can defeat Pakistan in 7 to 10 days seriously when a superpower like America still trapped in a poor country like Afghanistan. And this is Great Pakistan you're talking about. So here's the the thing forget 65 and 71. If this time a war declare India will be a history. Pak will wipe you out from this world map Similarly, Saudi Arabia has economic interests in India. For Saudis, India is a viable economic partner, not a country that depends on it for bailout packages. And that Saudi Arabia is India's fourth-largest trade partner doesn't help Pakistan's cause either. But the problem here is, as many muslims and Pakistanis think, Pakistan was. India's revocation of Article 370 was first collaborative move against China Pakistan Economic Corridor, this was supported by a number of imperialist countries, but unfortunately China proactively engaged India immediately after it formulated Quad war council with US, and waged a diplomatic war against chin Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan seemed worried about the lack of options to force India to renounce its new Kashmir policy. Meeting with Pakistani journalists on Thursday, Mr. Khan dismissed. India argued that the combination of higher raw jute prices, coupled with the devaluation of its currency, would price jute beyond its reach. Pakistan retaliated by imposing restrictions on the importation of some Indian manufactured goods. It was soon believed by many in Pakistan that India was jealous of Pakistan's economic growth

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Battered economy, brewing uprising in Pakistan means India can't rule out adventurism in 2021. I n a year that saw the world suddenly being brought to its knees, it might be academic suicide to try a little forecasting. But Covid or not, it is something that should be done within governments rather than the usual year-end 'review' that. For instance, thanks to the wide gap in total population, India's GDP per capita overtook Pakistan's only in 1999. State of Pak economy now. Pakistan's economy has had several fluctuations but on the whole it has grown at an average of 4.3% — a rate similar to the so-called Hindu rate of growth — between 2000 and 2015 Pakistan has a way of reminding us that nothing has changed. July 2, 2021, 3:02 PM IST Indrani Bagchi in Globespotting, India, World, TOI. Indrani Bagchi. Indrani Bagchi is The Times of India's. Consider me a Pakistani for this answer. Read till the end and you will know how and why India is doing this. * For starters, let's go to the Wikipedia pages of both countries and see. This is our Pakistan This is India But clearly, it's a lie. Be..

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India's economy has been outperforming Pakistan's in a number of metrics, like world competitiveness, GDP size and growth, and inflation rates - see table. Besides, India is a democracy that. Pakistan has refuted the latest United States report which raises concerns about the judicial system in the country. The report released last week said that the system governing domestic or personal matters is influenced by the government and other stakeholders. Addressing a presser on Tuesday, Pakistforeign office spokesperson said, We take.

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The Pakistani government's recent flip-flop on the partial resumption of trade with India highlights how geopolitical considerations — rather than economic or rational — drive policymaking India did not use Pakistan air space to evacuate around 50 diplomats and other staff members from the consulate in Afghanistan's Kandahar. The Indians were evacuated following the intense fighting near Kandahar city. The Indian officials at the consulate were flown to Delhi on Saturday evening by special Air Force planes which avoided Pakistan air space, ET has learnt The Indian economy grew at 7.1 percent for the 2016-2017 financial year. Once poverty-stricken and reliant on international aid, India opened up its economy in the early 1990s and has since seen. During a speech in the National Assembly last year, the Pakistan Prime Minister said that Osama bin Laden was a shaheed who was killed by America. America entered Pakistan and killed and.

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Pakistan began undertaking the painful reforms necessary to get its economy back on track, but because of COVID-19 its economy contracted in 2020. Pakistan is now looking to delay debt repayment. Even after reading so many answers I decide to write because we have lived in Tehran for three and a half years and it will be very ungrateful of me not to write about all the love and affection, even respect that we have received from those highl.. The other reason India cannot afford a war with Pakistan is, its economy is too young and still too small to survive through a round of war. Regardless, the havoc it will run on the already distressed Pakistani economy, the war will for sure spell an end to the largely service-based economy, which depends on the foreign investments; and the. On one hand, there's a set of analysts who think that because of the historic nature of Pakistani-American alliance, it needs to be preserved. Pakistan is considered a rogue but necessary actor.

Money problems. For one thing, Islamabad simply isn't able to pay China back. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that the Pakistani government will ask China for debt relief on the projects it splashed out on. Between 2018 and 2020, Pakistan added $17 billion to its external debt, totaling $113 billion last year. Even in the best of times, Pakistan's finances are notoriously unstable Pakistan's economic woes - dwindling foreign exchange reserves, low exports, high inflation, growing fiscal deficit, and current account deficit - are nothing new, and once again, the. For Pakistani army chief, it's the economy, stupid; For Pakistani army chief, it's the economy, stupid General Javed Bajwa's speech is a recognition of two disconcerting facts—Pakistan's longstanding neglect of geoeconomics and the steady erosion of its geopolitical significance in the 21st century CPEC: China's designs, Pakistan's ambivalence, and India's opposition. Economic motivation apart, China seeks to use the CPEC to consolidate its presence in a disputed region. If internal.

Jammu and Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan due to its physical contiguity with India and Pakistan, water resources, physical access with the Great Silk Route (Ancient Economic trade route, Starts from China, runs to Europe via Central Asia) has a great geopolitical, economic, strategic and military importance for both countries Only 36% of Indian Americans think India is on the right track. Indian Americans are divided over whether India is on the right track, a new survey showed on Tuesday, with 39 percent saying it is. Both India and Pakistan saw record-breaking representation of female legislators in their last elections. In India, more than 700 women contested seats in the Lok Sabha in the 2019 general elections, of which 78 (about 11 percent) secured seats—the highest number of victorious female candidates in the electoral history of India. In Pakistan, the 2018 general election also had the highest. Why a top think tank official says India's fiscal problems are unprecedented, plus other stories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

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Of late, central to Pakistani security narrative is that India is waging a well-conceived and concerted covert war against Pakistan. 35 Islamabad staunchly believes India—supported by Western powers—is destabilizing Pakistan using multiple vectors, including disinformation, insurgency, economic and financial coercion, and diplomatic isolation On the other hand, India's GDP grew at 6.8 per cent during the fiscal year 2018-19. However, the Indian economy is still much bigger than Pakistan. The size of Indian economy is $2,900 billion. India says its 'no first use' nuclear policy could change. Nature examines what that means for the country's fraught relationship with Pakistan

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia.It is the world's fifth-most populous country, with a population exceeding 225.2 million, and has the world's second-largest Muslim population.Pakistan is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometres (340,509 square miles).It has a 1,046-kilometre (650-mile) coastline along the Arabian Sea. The Gulf heavyweights have not sided with Pakistan, and analysts say it's because of India's growing economic clout. India stripped Kashmir of its special status and imposed a crippling. The India-Pakistan academic establishment, media commentariat, and think-tank industry—myopically focused on the tick-tock between New Delhi and Islamabad over Kashmir, nuclear weapons.

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  1. Cricket fans from Pakistan not only supported India to clinch the match but also ensured the Australia-India Test was the top trend in their country. #AUSvsIND is the top trend in #Pakistan - Indian cricket team writing a history at The Gabba!!! Way to go!
  2. For example, some in the Pakistan business community oppose free trade with India, arguing that India's larger economy would negatively impact the demand for Pakistani goods in the domestic market compared with cheaper Indian products (considering that trade with India has historically been in favor of India). However, this argument overlooks.
  3. Pakistani economy is worth 300 Billion USD. Indian Population in 1300 Million. Pakistani population is 200 Million. So Pakistani economy is 7 times smaller than India's. But for a 6.8 times smaller population. If we divide Indian GDP of 2100 Billion on population of 1300 million. It's 1615 dollars per capita
  4. Pakistani leaders need to take some time out to think about how even Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have stolen a march and performed on the economic front, while their country has gone into the abyss. Friendly relation with India and Afghanistan, abandoning the policy of exporting terrorism are perfect recipes to make Pakistan once again an economic.
  5. The GDP per capita of Pakistan and India was nearly the same in 1960 with Pakistan being slightly (1.4%) higher. However, the gap has now increased to 39% with India quite ahead. Pakistan's GDP.
  6. The 1970s Indian Economy: A Period of Growing Strains and the Nation's Fight Against Poverty. Issues like war with Pakistan, drought and high population growth were heightened by international.
  7. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of over 180 million at a growth rate of 2% and the median age in Pakistan is 22, thus making it a country.
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  1. g the biggest economies in the world. Currently, the economy of Pakistan is the 43rd largest in the world
  2. India is the world's seventh-largest economy, sitting between France and Italy. Its GDP growth recently dipped to 5.7%; still, India is growing faster than any other large economy except for China. By 2050, India's economy is projected to be the world's second-largest, behind only China. India is home to 1.34 billion people - 18% of the.
  3. 1) The economy's slowing but it's still among the world's fastest-growing. India's central bank says growth is set to slow, due to a weakening of domestic and external demand, and that prompted it to revise down its growth projections for the year 2019-20 to 6.9% from 7%. India
  4. As border tensions between India and China flared up with the deadliest clash in more than four decades, leaving at least 20 Indian soldiers dead, there have been calls for boycotting goods imported from the neighbouring nation. That, however, won't be easy because the two economies are intertwined. China is Asia's largest economy and the world's second-biggest with a GDP of about $13.6.

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  1. Pakistani boy asks Imran Khan to fix economy first and then think about Kashmir, video goes viral India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 03 Sep 2019, 10:52 am #Article370 , #India , #Pakistan.
  2. Kissinger's reply has not lost its relevance even after 48 years: [United States is] totally opposed to Indian military action against Pakistan. I do not normally see ambassadors, but I have warned the Indian ambassador [L K Jha] on behalf of the President that if there is an attack by India we will cut off all economic aid to India
  3. Fintech unicorn CRED's Founder, Kunal Shah, believes the battered Indian economy may bounce back by this Diwali (November).His bullishness comes on the back of pent-up demand and with the rider.
  4. While addressing the World Economic Forum at Davos in January, Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the year 2020 will be one of economic growth for Pakistan. Khan's words echoed his vows to.
  5. ADVERTISEMENTS: Independence for India meant its simultaneous partition. The country, which had for long remained a single, unified economic unit and whose economy was based on inter-regional specialisation and dependence, was divided along com­munal lines. Areas, where Muslims were in majority such as Sind, the N.W.F.P., and Baluchistan were ceded to form the new state [
  6. The CEBR said India's economy had been losing momentum even ahead of the shock delivered by the COVID-19 crisis. (File) India, which appears to have been pushed back to being the world's sixth biggest economy in 2020, will again overtake the UK to become the fifth largest in 2025 and race to the third spot by 2030, a think tank said on Saturday
  7. Pakistan's U-turn on plans to resume India imports. Pakistan's government has made a swift U-turn on plans to allow limited imports of sugar, cotton and wheat from India after a political backlash.
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KARACHI: Pakistan is set to become the world's 23rd biggest economy by 2040 based on its predicted gross domestic product (GDP) rank which currently sits at 39th position, according to a United. Its foolish thing to compare india with pakistan,and there is mistake in article,india tested nuclear capability in 1978,but pakistan tested in 1998,indians also,first of all pakistan is failed economy,most of developing nations have GDP growth rate minimum 5%,but pakistan just 2.8%,but india got upto 9.87%,indian GDP in PPP terms is 4.46. Relations between India and Pakistan have been engulfed in flames since their partition in 1947 primarily over the Kashmir issue. Recently, Pakistan's powerful army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa, has reportedly agreed to back down on the country's demand asking India to revoke the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir