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Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Difference‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Difference‬ The Anointing Makes the Difference. August 31, 2018. Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward (1 Sam. 16:13). Samuel went to the house of Jesse to anoint a king. Jesse brought his sons to the prophet one by one, but none of them were. The Anointing Makes The Difference. Isaiah 10:27-27. By: W.W. Pugh. When the anointing is present, something supernatural takes place, miracles happen and people are delivered and set free. Select File Type Word Doc PDF View Sermon Online (html And knowing this, someone said The anointing makes the difference. And I know what they're saying. But the truth of the matter is that the anointing doesn't MAKE the difference - IT IS THE DIFFERENCE!!! If you want--victory--peace--power--breakthrough--the yoke destroyed. Then THE ANOINTING IS THE DIFFERENCE

The Anointing is what makes the difference in your life - in the market place. The Anointing on your life and the gifts, and the call on your life are made more powerful and fruitful!!! What makes us effective is the anointing 1 John 2:20 NKJV 20 But you have an anointing (unction)from the Holy One, and you know all things. • When the. Benny Hinn (November-16-2019) Sermon: The Anointing Makes the Difference. Get ready to be part of a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit's Anointing upon you and your loved ones. We are in a mighty season of change in so many areas—spiritual, political, and financial The anointing makes the difference. The anointing breaks the yoke. The anointing liberates the people of God to do the work of God and to do it in the might and power of the Holy Spirit. Are you ready for your anointing? Paul told Timothy, â Stir up the gift of God that is in you by the laying on of my hands.â In other word, â Itâ s time to. The anointing releases power and authority on your life and people around you will begin to notice even without you telling them anything, he said. The pastor said in his sermon series labelled 'The Anointing' that the most anointed moments in one's ministry usually come at a time least expected

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The anointing of God makes the difference. In these times, it is not enough to just be the best at what you do. The people in your industry, the people that God has sent you to reach out to are looking for just ONE thing: TRANSFORMATION. Forget about the hype. TRANSFORMATION is what matters Ruth Ann and I are so thankful that you chose to be a part of our ministry at the Chapel of the Anointing and for viewing Concepts for Living our International Telecast. I hope this message will bless your life and continue to be a blessing to you and your family. As our ministry continues to grow I hope you will continue to grow with us The Anointing Makes the Difference. November 15, 2020 - Rev. Randy Ruiz - Sunday Night In This Series. The Anointing Makes the Difference Questions Jesus Asked 1 Sermon Celebrate Freedom 1 Sermon Genreations 2 Sermons Download our App. Our app connects you to a variety of resources, including sermons, articles, event info, and more. We must surrender to Him and to this anointing of the Holy Spirit, giving Him control of our lives. The anointing of the Spirit brings to light the gifts and abilities He has given us. Ray H. Hughes' powerful message, The Anointing Makes the Difference, impacted my life and constantly reminds me to lean on God This is a three part sermon this is the Third one - The result of this great anointing. Anointed to overflow The steps towards this anointing John 7:37-38 37 Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said.

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  1. COMPLETE SERMON NOTES Understanding the Anointing INTRO: Last week's message - The Desperate Need to Experience God. God didn't make you wrong; The anointing is Available to all believers, but very few actually walk in it. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to.
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  3. There's a difference between simply being good at something and being anointed. Pastor Jentezen Franklin breaks down the differences and the importance of th..

Here are a few clips from the sermon The Anointing Makes A Difference. Minister Corey Lyons delivered the sermon. At Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Grace, Favor or the Anointing! God doesn't tease us with the impossible; He empowers us to do the impossible (Gary Hines) Lets talk about some impossible things that you maybe going through; • loving someone who hates you • forgiving someone who has hurt you or wronged you • praying for someone you don't know • giving of your.

The anointing is the unction or leading of the Holy Spirit. If you hear what you think to be an anointed message it is probably because you are being called into that type of calling or spiritual gift. People may still move in the same way they were moving yesterday, but there is no anointing in it The Anointing Makes The Difference. Jentezen Franklin. September 2, 2019 · The anointing God places on you will always make a greater impact than anything you could do on your own. Related Videos. Jentezen Franklin. Sunday Service with Pastor Javon Ruff. 1:18:23 · 25,002 Views ANOINTING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. READ: PSALM 23:1-6. But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things. (1 John 2:20). In the life of the believer, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is what makes you stand out from the crowd. The anointing is neither acquired through learning nor practice You see, the anointing makes the difference. It makes the difference between a boy practicing his slingshot alone in a field and a hero taking down a giant. It makes the difference between someone overseeing a flock of sheep and a king ruling a nation

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The Anointing Makes The Difference. The Anointing Makes The Difference. Download Background. This Service Background has a related Sermon: Get this and all media free with a PreachIt membership. Choose your file type. Download Sermon (.doc) Download Sermon (.pdf) View Sermon Online (html There's a difference between simply being good and gifted at something and being anointed. If we are not careful, we can rely upon our own abilities, rather than depending upon God's anointing. In this message, Pastor breaks down the importance of the anointing on your life and the difference the anointing makes the anointing makes the difference Our individual missions require us to realize why God has placed us where we are. Our primary goal is to understand what God is saying to us https://www.newlifetabernacleofcorcoran.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Thursday-Night-Revival-Full-Service-12-10-2020-Bro-Carrillo-The-Anointing-Makes-The-Difference.

The Anointing Makes the Difference. Your gift will be used in furtherance of the tax-exempt charitable purposes of Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries. All gifts are received and considered without restriction unless explicitly stated otherwise by the donor. If funds received exceed the specific need or goal of a project, or if the project. Understanding the Anointing Grace Church Pastor Bob Yandian Jan 20, 2008 Anointing seems to be one of those Christian buzz words that make others wonder what you are talking about. The anointing is the presence of the Holy Spirit. There are two types of the anointing found. 1 John 2:27 KJ The Key to Releasing God's Refreshing Anointing. In Isaiah 35, it is crucial to notice that when the winds brought a new, refreshing atmosphere, evil had to leave. Even as the haunt of jackals was destroyed (verse 7) and the ravenous beasts were banished (verse 9), the eyes of the blind were opened •The anointing of Jesus by the Holy Spirit with great power was signified by a dove landing on the head of Jesus. No oil was used to anoint Him; it was a spiritual anointing, symbolized by the dove. •It would appear that God did all anointing in both Old and New Testament by the Holy Spirit the third person in the Godhead. 2 Cor. 1:21 and I.

Synopsis of Bible Study 04/06/16. Delivered by Bishop Walker III. The anointing is the power and presence of God on your life. One of the most profound illustrations of anointing given in the bible is when the dove ascends on Jesus after he was baptized by John. Christ literally means, the anointed one The Anointing Brings Power: It is extremely important to notice in the Gospels that Jesus never did even one miracle until He was anointed by the Holy Ghost. It was only after the Spirit of God (the Holy Ghost) descended upon Him that he began His ministry. [Mt:3:16]. Regardless of what many think - There is no Biblical evidence that Jesus ever performed any miracles, nor did he enter into. Divine Truth Christian. 350 Anchor Road Suite 1050. Casselberry, FL. 32707. 407-583-388 A man that is anointed cannot be confounded. It means you cannot be stranded in life. The anointing works best in the atmosphere of problems. Judges 14 :5 .In the journey of life you will meet lion unannounced. But the anointing makes you do best when there are challenges. It makes you equipped. It makes you a caterpillar without a brake The anointing advances you and pushes you forward (1 Samuel 10:3) The anointing causes you to become a new man/woman (1 Samuel10: 7) The anointing makes you the head and not the tail; The anointing makes you a commander/leader (1 Samuel 10:1) The anointing raises your worship to God; The anointing will cause people to favour your cause; Psalm 35:2

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The function of the anointing is to maintain the link between the Head and the Body, as well as the link between all the members. The anointing is the operation of the Holy Spirit within man. The relationship between the Holy Spirit, Christ, and the church can be compared to the nerves in the human body. The nerves direct and coordinate all the. Anointing of Baptism of Holy Spirit - upon you for other's sake. You can be saved and have HS in you but not yet be baptized with HS upon you with power to minister in the Anointing of Christ. The difference is you have the anointing of HS in you but you have yet to receive the baptism of the HS UPON you

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There are two kinds of anointing. The bottle anointing and the horn anointing. 1 Samuel 8:4. Then all the responsible men of Israel got together and went to Samuel at Ramah, 1Sa 8:5 And said to him, See now, you are old, and your sons do not go in your ways: give us a king now to be our judge, so that we may be like the other nations. 1Sa 8:6. It is the anointing of the Holy Ghost Power that makes the difference. (Act 17:28; I John 2:20) In this lesson, we will study that the anointing power that comes from God helps us to do whatever we need to do. Peter is a prime example of how one is before the anointing is manifested Jehu's Anointing Came With An Assignment 2 Kings 9:6-7 (NKJV) 6 Then he arose and went into the house. And he poured the oil on his head, and said to him, Thus says the LORD God of Israel: 'I have anointed you king over the people of the LORD, over Israel. 7 You shall strike down the house of Ahab your master, that I may avenge the.

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The anointing makes the difference between Pretty and powerful Talent and Ministry Activity and Productivity Gold and Glory I came tonight to tell somebody the anointing has found you. Your whole life is getting ready to change because the anointing shifts you. The anointing doesn't come just to sit, It comes to shift MANTLE VS. ANOINTING . By Gale Maiden . Character, Character and Character unto Glory. God's mantle is His character and glory. The character and glory of God is developed in us by an intimate relationship with God called the anointing.A mantle in the natural is a cloak or outer garment for covering the body Knowing made the difference. Synopsis of sermon 06/06/10. Delivered by Bishop Walker III. God allows certain things to happen in our lives. It is all about experiential knowledge which is when God allows things to happen to push us to our revelation. There is no substitute for going through things for yourself

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The anointing for healing (Acts 3:1-8) Thousands of lame men lined the streets of Jerusalem, but Peter felt the anointing for healing on this occasion. C. The anointing for deliverance (Acts 16:16-18). The girl had followed Paul for many days, but only when he sensed the anointing did he cast out the devil The 2 Major Types of Anointing - In and Upon. 1. Anointing In. Anointing in makes a person the Bride of Christ. It is the dwelling in of the Holy Spirit in a person - the baptism with the Holy Spirit. John: 14:17: Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither knows him: but you know him; for he. Some Ray H. Hughes Sermons. I recently received an incoming link from a South African (I think) site called Katoikei's Jukebox to my page on Tom Autry. Much to my surprise, I found four Ray H. Hughes Sr. sermons posted on this site as well. My Church of God readers know Dr. Hughes, former General Overseer, former president of Lee University. The anointing containers for Saul and David signify the main difference between their kingships: Saul was the human desire for a king and David was God's desire for a king. Saul was the human. Though hard to define, the anointing of the Holy Spirit makes all the difference in our lives. Here's why. God is constantly trying to get us through a this so He can get us to a that

Anointing and Grace Bridge the Gap Between Your Ability and God's Call. Here are two things that bridge the gap that our abilities cannot reach across, when it comes to God's purpose for our lives. 1. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit. 'He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit. You have an anointing to do something but someone else is wearing the mantle. That's why you are reading this. You can actually function and operate in an anointing and not have a mantle. Hope that makes sense. Spiritual laws for Mantles and Anointings. I believe there are spiritual laws that govern the use of Mantles and Anointings. 1

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Sermon Media Update: Apologies, we only have audio this week. The purpose of the oil is to keep the fire burning. It is the anointing that makes the difference. Luke 4:18-19 (NLT). 18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor The word 'gifts' translates a Greek word with the general meaning of 'spiritual matters' or 'graces'. Romans 12:6-8 makes it obvious that both manifestations of the Spirit and human ministries were in view when Paul wrote; We have different gifts , according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it.

Some messages kill, others give life. What makes the difference is not necessarily the preacher's level of education, or intense preparation, length of message, familiarity with subject matter, etc. The anointing makes the difference. Many claim to be anointed. The sermons of some preachers are applauded while some are celebrated There is a difference between God's presence and his glory. Most Christians know his presence - his great works in their lives - but few know his glory. In Exodus, we're given a glimpse of this difference: Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle (Exodus 40:34) Difference Between Anointing and Holy Spirit Quite often, we sing, preach, and talk about how we want to be anointed and live with the Holy Spirit in us. The truth is, we rarely know what either of them means or when to apply each. While the Bible is quite clear on anointing and getting the Holy Spirit to live in you, [ (the anointing makes a difference in my life). Chorus: The anointing of God (the anointing detroys the old). The anointing of God (if you need love and you won't show it's solid). The anointing of God (I declare it can mend up a broken heart), the anointing makes a difference in my life. Verse 2: The love of God is so good 5. Anointing that breaks the yoke; break every yoke upon by life by the power in the blood of Jesus. 6. Lord! let you anointing catapult me from the bottom to the top in the name of Jesus. 7. By the anointing of the holy ghost, I call fort my stolen blessings in the name of Jesus. Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!

The Purpose of the Anointing Is to Teach Us. The purpose of this anointing of the Holy Spirit is that the believer might be taught of God. He anoints us to teach us His truths so that we can please Him by doing the work of the ministry. 4. He Helps in Understanding the Word of God The Anointing Makes the Difference: Chosen by God - Kindle edition by Aycock, Chester. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Anointing Makes the Difference: Chosen by God Going to the Source (The Anointing of the Spirit) Text: I John 2:18-29 I. The other day, one of my boys needed help with a math problem, so I asked him to show me the problem. He brought in his paper on which he was working. A. No, I said, I need to see the original problem in the book The Anointing Breaks the Yoke . John Hoole - November 1, 2009 (Click on Charts and Photos for larger version.) Over the past three lessons, we have investigated what the Bible says about The Anointing. We have looked at the Old Testament pattern of anointing Kings , Priests and Prophets. In the New Testament, we examined the anointing.

message? Did I pray through my sermon as I prepared it? 2. Does the speaker avoid histrionics and inauthentic gestures with the realization that the anointing makes the difference? CONCLUSION: Suggested approach to Preaching The Dialectical Method George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher contended that history is a process o Look at virtually every sermon in the New Testament - from Jesus's teaching in the Sermon on the Mount to Paul's address to the elders in Pisidian Antioch - and you'll see a message.

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So, the anointing can be in a place without the presence, but the presence cannot be there without the anointing. That is, when the presence comes the anointing comes. How do I know? In Lk. 10:38, the Bible makes us to understand that the mighty works Jesus wrought was not because He carried the anointing but because God was with him. In Acts. Anointing and Revival - In spiritual awakenings, the Holy Spirit works in powerful, mysterious ways to draw large numbers of people to Christ.Lewis Drummond notes, A spiritual awakening always soars on the wings of the word.12 Whereas sermons may have been preached before with little or no effect, when the Holy Spirit begins to move powerfully among people, an authority comes to the.

Sermon:The Name That Makes A Difference Scriptures: 3:6&7, Acts 4:1-12. 42 Views. Related Video WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU'VE MADE IN MY LIFE. I Samuel 10:6,9-10 Jerry Vines 2/7/96 These verses have to do with Saul and I'm not reading these verses to discuss whether or not Saul was a saved person, but I'm going to use this as we study the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. Whether he was or was not a believer is not the purpose of my message

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THE OX ANOINTING What really is the Ox Anointing? This is the Anointing of Labour, the anointing to endure in mission- it is the anointing of the Intercessor. This is hidden in the image of the Living Creatures of Revelation Ch.4, Ezekiel Ch.1 and Isaiah Ch.6. Each Cherub has four faces, and one of these faces is that of an Ox As we will see, the difference between the two Kings is in their response when confronted in their sin. Saul's Response to His Sin. When Saul disobeyed the Lord's direct command, the prophet Samuel goes to confront Saul in his sin. Rather than owning up to his sin, Saul tries to justify his actions. (1 Sam 15:15) He makes excuses for his. This is when you need to step back and let the anointing of God take over and fight for you. You see, it is the anointing that makes the difference. When you carry the anointing, you will do things with ease. Heaven inspires you, equips you and gives you the ability to overcome! PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I am super charged by the anointing The Anointing Makes The Difference - Wednesday December 21st 2016 Memorize: How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him

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The anointing is going to make the difference in your life. When you begin to tap into that anointing in the days ahead you will experience a lifting off of your shoulders. You will allow the anointing to do it's job and you will not try to make things happen. The Spirit is going to empower you to accomplish the purpose of God for your life and. Sermons. Audio Podcasts. Give. Anointing Makes a Difference. Vladimir Savchuk • July 29, 2011. Listen. Subscribe. Give. Share. Anointing Makes a Difference. Vladimir Savchuk July 29, 2011 Sermons, Speaker, Vladimir Savchuk Leave a Comment. More from Speaker: Vladimir Savchuk. Mind Wars. Overcoming an Orphan Spirit. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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Sermon on being anointed of God. Christians have received an anointing, the Holy Spirit who indwells every believer. God has blessed us with many spiritual gifts and we are to use them for the glory of God, the equipping of the saints, and ministering to others. And as for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you, but as His. The Anointing for Greatness, Why? SEPTEMBER 18. Genesis 12:1-4. Now the Lord had said to Abram: Get out of your country, from your family and from your father's house, to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing

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-- one more difference -- the anointing here in Mark 14 takes place at the end of Jesus' ministry on earth -- two days before the Passover -- this would have taken place during holy week, shortly after Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday - and Mark tells us this anointing took place at the home of Simon the Lepe Only the anointing of the Holy Spirit can make great preaching. Paul was concerned that nothing distract from the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We live in a day that puts much of the emphasis on the attractiveness of the clever mind and entertainment The anointing does not remove personality, emotions or free will, nor does it guarantee that we will do or say the right thing in the right way. Remember Peter, who, moments after being commended. The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing, or as it is said in the church, The anointing breaks the yoke, which means where the Spirit of the Lord is yokes will be broken, and captives set free. I prefer it to be said as the scripture says it, it gives it more meaning. Now, notice this, the Spirit of the Lord is what has the power.

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Anointing with oil was originally used to consecrate or set something aside for God. In the same way prophets, priests and kings were anointed with oil as they were set apart for God's purposes. The anointing also symbolized their enabling or empowering for service through the Holy Spirit When God Appoints You, He Anoints You. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it (1 Thessalonians 5:24 NIV). God never asks you to do something without providing what you need to do it. Anointing is a sign of God's equipping you to fulfill an assignment he's given you. When he gives you an assignment, a plan, or a strategy. My sermons and teaching aren't filled with flowery phrases or meaningless thoughts—they center on the foundational truths found in passages from Genesis to Revelation. The clear-cut emphasis on the Bible is the reason why the saving and healing anointing flows in our services and ministry The anointing will enable you to share it with impact. (2) to make you a Spirit-filled messenger, a proclaim [er of] freedom for the prisoners — freedom from the prison of sin, of drugs, of depression, of life-dominating habits. (3) You are anointed to bring recovery of sight for the blind — both physical and spiritual healing.

The Anointing (Thomas Nelson, 1997), pp. 89, 90, 94. (5) Benny Hinn's admission in a 1991 sermon at his Orlando church entitled Double Portion Anointing is the source of this documented claim that he frequents the graves of Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple MacPherson to top up his anointing tank This anointing enables us finally to make a total surrender to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, by confessing the simple creed, Jesus is Lord.. In Romans 10:9 we read, If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. David's Anointing. Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in themidst of his brothers. And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon Davidfrom that day forward. And Samuel rose up and went to Ramah (v. 13). Personal piety is important for the people of God, and it is pictured in many different ways in the Bible Such was the anointing with Jesus Christ that He knew He was able to raise the dead. We see Him taking the dead child by the hand and saying to her: fiTalitha, cumi,fl which is translated, fiLittle girl, I say to you, arise.fl Immediately the girl aros

The anointing is upon you by the Spirit of God, teaching you what Jesus said and leading you further into the Scriptures. The anointing of the Spirit guides you as you read and consume the Scripture, loving the Lord, hungering and thirsting for His righteousness. Here are five things you can do to continue to grow in the precious anointing: 1 Ephesians Chapter 5 is one of the most powerful scriptures that gives the true meaning for good preaching beyond salvation Ephesians 4:11-16 (NKJV) 11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body o The anointing definitely makes the difference, and breaks the yoke (I Samuel 16:18) . That's the quote you hear most often when people start making the argument that God doesn't care if it sounds good. But let's take a closer look at the real motivations behind this argument All these refer back to the programmatic Nazareth sermon, and together they comprise the bulk of Luke's new narrative in the body of the gospel. The link between anointing-woman and debtor is not necessarily apparent till Jesus makes it clear to 'Simon' (named as in Mark), but it is probably explained by Isa 61

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B. The anointing of the Holy Spirit: Last but not least, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is any Preacher's most valuable asset. Preaching is not a task you can do without the anointing. C. Give glory to God: Every preacher knows when he has rung the bell and when he has not. But God makes the difference And as we shall see, that is what makes all the difference. There are few things as precious in this world as believers living together in unity. And one of the marks of a great church is the sweet sense of fellowship and unity we experience in the body of Christ

The anointing of the Jesus brings out an important contrast, a contrast of the insight and devotion of Mary, and the indifference and deadened responses of the disciples. The alabaster vial refers to a cruise or flask made of white, semi-transparent stone which was used as a container for precious perfumes and ointments Bible > Sermons > 1 Samuel 16:12. The Anointing of David. Homilist. 1 Samuel 16:12 And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and with of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the LORD sai The apostolic anointing is a commissioning, sending, empowerment to impact lives for the kingdom of God. Jesus first sent 12, then 70, and finally all believers. We're all sent by God, we all have a sphere of influence, and god wants us to be used in this ministry - not only of sharing the gospel, but of healing the sick, and delivering people from evil spirits

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This verse in Matthew makes it clear that there is something to be received other than the baptism of the Holy Ghost—the fire of the Spirit. The fire is the anointing of the Spirit, something we all need. To receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a commandment of Jesus, but it should never be looked upon as the end of your spiritual growth The Holy Spirit will decide which anointing is required for the job that is required. So, even though an intercessor might function in one or some of the anointings most of the time, the Spirit will give as He wills for the need of the moment. We must not assume that the anointings will always be the same all of the time for the individual The old anointing gives birth to the new and because the old anointing is the mother of the new, then the genes of the old is in the new. The two anointing have certain things in common; both of them are anointing. Whether you call one old and the other new, at least they are both anointing That doesn't make sense, so there must be a difference. We see this again in Luke 20:1, which says, Jesus was teaching the people in the temple and preaching the gospel. We also read that the disciples, following Jesus' example, every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching (Acts 5:42) Character makes you stand, and the anointing is for effective service. Many precious servants of God have the anointing, but not Godly character. You must have both. Delilah comes from a root Hebrew word day - meaning to be feeble, be emptied, to fail, to dry up or to languish The Anointing Revisited Audio Recordings. Ray H. Hughes Sr. was one of the most renowned preachers and leaders for the Church of God. He served three times as general overseer of the Church of God and twice as Lee College president, as well as many other leadership positions in the Church of God and the broader Pentecostal and Evangelical worlds