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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Große Auswahl an Sika Abglättmittel N. Sika Abglättmittel N zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen Sika's Scofield's Texturetop® Pro Stamp Grade and Stencil Grade Concrete Overlays are polymer modified cementitious toppings formulated for resurfacing structurally sound, non-moving concrete floors and exterior hardscapes. They provide a durable surface suitable for stamping with Sika Stamps or textured with texture rollers Polyester Concrete Overlays. SikaPronto-500 PPC is a polyester-based concrete overlay and patching system. Since 2019, SikaPronto-500 PPC has joined the ranks of the most robust product portfolio in the industry for durable bridge deck repair systems. Sika is the only supplier for polyester, epoxy, urethane AND cementitious bridge repair products

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Sika concrete repair mortars are suitable for restoration work, repair of spalling and damaged concrete in all types of structures including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and super-structures. Advantages: Easy to mix and apply. Pre-bagged for quality, just add water. High mechanical properties SikaQuick Concrete Resurfacer is a polymer-modified, 1-component, cementitious resurfacing compound. Designed for use on exterior concrete substrates such as sidewalks, walkways, patios, parking garages, and residential driveways. Easily applied by smoothing trowel or rubber squeegee. Read more +. Easy to use, one-component Sikadur®-55 SLV is a 2-component, 100 % solids, moisture-tolerant, epoxy crack healer / penetrating sealer, having a fast tack-free time to minimize downtime. It is a super low-viscosity, high-strength adhesive formulated specifically for sealing both dry and damp, existing, non-dynamic cracks. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881, Types I.

SikaLevel Self Leveling Underlayment is a one-component, polymer-modified, durable and versatile underlayment for interior concrete and cementations substrates. It can be applied to produce a self-smoothing, rapid-setting, flat surface prior to the application of a final floor finish. Typical application thickness is 1/25 in. to 2 in Sika. Sandstone Concrete and Mortar Sealant (29-fl oz) Model #107748. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 62. Sika. 1-Gallon Masonry Bonding Agent. Model #187782 Ready-to-use cementitious mortar developed with Sika's latest generation of polymers, specially formulated for screeds, localised resurfacing, slope creation/correction in interior/exterior applications. Allowing applications at thicknesses ranging from 10 to 150 mm (3/8 to 6 in), SikaScreed®-40 can be overlaid with various types of floor coverings (tile, parquet, carpet and resin-based.

Sika Canada. 601 Avenue Delmar Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4A9 Canada phone +1 800-933-745 Sika offers a complete range of high performance repair mortars and concrete for applications ranging from cosmetic to structural repairs. Our repair mortars and concrete systems are compatible with a full range of Sika repair and protection materials so that not only the visible signs of damage are repaired, but deterioration is addressed. Sika Concrete Formliners add visual appeal to concrete structures and are offered in a wide range of patterns and t t.co/QTEHmEBXVy. 21 hours ago. Follow @Sika_USA. Join us this week for more summer #webinar series! Join us for Sika's Polyiso - The Next Generation Air & Water Re t.co/wkqPNVRIV2 SCOFIELD® Texturetop® Pro is the superior solution for resurfacing and texturing interior or exterior concrete surfaces for commercial, industrial, or residential use in new construction or renovation. SCOFIELD® Texturetop® Pro can be used to restore existing interior concrete floors and exterior hardscapes or to correct construction errors Sikaflex® Asphalt Sealant. A one-component, self-leveling, sealant used for filling cracks in asphalt. SikaQuick® Patch. Repairing holes/spalls in concrete. Sika Backer Rod. Backing material used to control depth and prevent 3-sided adhesion. Sikaflex® Self-Leveling Sealant. Sealing horizontal joints in concrete. Sikaflex® Concrete Fix

Fiber-reinforced concrete is ideal for improving the durability and toughness performance of concrete and mortar. Fibers in concrete help reduce shrinkage cracks, increase strength, increase energy absorption and reduces dangerous spalling at high temperatures. Sika is the leading company for fiber-reinforced concrete solutions Decorative concrete overlays give new life to structurally sound, worn existing concrete surfaces. Butterfield Color® has engineered a number of concrete overlay systems to transform blemished concrete into a fresh canvas for achieving any imagined decorative concrete look The concrete has deteriorated at the bottom of a support pillar. We'll fill in some VersaSpeed 100 and let it dry. When it's ready, we'll add a layer of Sika.. UPDATE SIKA HEALTH, SAFETY AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY (COVID-19) Blog: Butterfield Color® is Excited to Join the Sika Team! New Gallery Photos: World of Concrete 2020. New Product Launch: Clear Guard® H2O PLUS+ Water-Based Cure and Seal. Blog: Download the Butterfield Color® Mobile App Today T1000® Stampable Overlay. Packaged in 55-pound (25 kg) bags. Each bag, when properly mixed with water, provides for approximately 24 SF at 1/4 thick (2.2m² at 6 mm thick). A polymer modified, cementitious material designed for resurfacing and texturing stable, non-moving concrete floors and hardscapes

SikaLatex 1 Gal. Concrete Bonding Adhesive and Acrylic Fortifier is designed as an all-in-one formula. This low VOC formula is ideal for bonding new concrete to existing concrete. It also improves adhesion characteristics and requires no wait time before applying a top coat. Can be applied by brush, spray or roller Sika® Arctic Overlay March 2020, Version 01.02 020302040030000036 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sika® Arctic Overlay SILICA-FUME AND FIBER-REINFORCED, MICRO CONCRETE FOR STRUCTURAL CONCRETE REPAIR AND HIGH QUALITY RE-SURFACING OF CONCRETE SLABS DESCRIPTION Sika® Arctic Overlay is a prebagged micro concrete with adjustable workabillity to meet project. SikaSet ®-45 is a one-component, very rapid-setting, fiber-reinforced, early-strength gaining, magnesium phosphatebased patching and repair mortar for concrete. Very rapid hardening as defined by ASTM C928 Sikaflex® Asphalt Sealant. A one-component, self-leveling, sealant used for filling cracks in asphalt. SikaQuick® Patch. Repairing holes/spalls in concrete. Sika Backer Rod. Backing material used to control depth and prevent 3-sided adhesion. Sikaflex® Self-Leveling Sealant. Sealing horizontal joints in concrete. Sikaflex® Concrete Fix

Garage. Whether you have cracks in your concrete floor or are looking to install shelves, Sika has the right products for your garage project. Our line of anchoring adhesives and concrete repair products save time. Select a new project Idea. Sikalastic Water Proofer Sika® Fibermesh®-150 can be added directly to the concrete mixing system after the batching of the other ingredients and mixed for 4 to 5 minutes or 70 revolutions. Application The addition of Sika® Fibermesh®-150 at the normal recommended dosage rate does not require any mix design or application changes Sika has acquired Butterfield Color, Inc. a US-based market leader in the production of decorative concrete floor products and systems. The acquisition will accelerate Sika's growth by bringing the most comprehensive range of solutions for concrete contractors, in this fast-growing segment of the North American construction market Sikaflex+ Self Leveling Sealant and all of Sika's polyurethane sealants will bond to themselves. The surface of the sealant must be clean. Please allow the product to cure for 3 to 5 days. It will cure to a flexible and elastic consistency. After, you can wipe the surface with water and a clean rag to remove any debris on the sealant. Once the sealant is dry, reapply the second layer Concrete overlays are an alternative to breaking out and replacing an existing concrete slab, which can be expensive, messy, disruptive, and time-consuming. With an overlay, you can give worn, lackluster concrete a decorative makeover or restore it to like-new condition in as little as a day and at a fraction of the cost

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  1. How to take an old driveway and resurface it using BRICKFORM SM Professional Grade micro-Topping. We transformed an old cracked concrete slab by resurfacing..
  3. MT Resurfacer. ™. A polymer modified micro-topping that mixes with water. Create an abrasion resistant surface ideal for restoring worn or color blemished concrete. Available in two grades: Base Coat and Finish Coat, each grade available in cement gray. Application thickness range: Base Coat 1/16-1/8 (1.6mm-3.2mm), Finish Coat 1/32.

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133 North Kohler Rd. Orrville, OH 44667 (330) 682-5678. 7941 Granger Rd. Cleveland, OH 44125 (216) 573-0770. 690 Harrison Dr. Columbus, OH 43204 (614) 253-332 Main Benefits of Sika Fiber Reinforced Concrete. There are multiple reasons for adding fibers in concrete. One of the main benefits of fibers are the homogenous distribution in the concrete. Other benefits include: Better cohesion of the fresh concrete. Control and reduce crack sizes due to early-age shrinkage. Improve flexural and shear strength

Whatever you need to beautify your patio, Sika's range of building materials can help you complete your project for long lasting results. Select a new project Idea. SikaBond® Ultimate Grab. Bonding cultured stone. Select a new point Scofield® Formula One™ polished concrete is an engineered system of products designed to add color, harden, densify and protect the surface of concrete during and after the grinding and polishing process. Polished concrete floors are popular due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and low maintenance, and are often used in educational, commercial, government and retail locations. Find out when concrete resurfacing materials are used. Get tips on using this resurfacing material that is colored, rolled on, and then troweled onto an exi..

The dry-sprayed micro repair concrete, which was applied at 30mm overlay, provides the ideal restorative solution for a range of structures including tunnels, bridges and fire-damaged buildings. MonoTop® 4400 MIC was then applied. Due to its aluminate cement and aggregate composition, its elements combine to increase its excellent resistance. Pharmaceutical Medical Devices Plant. Cork. 2021. When the roof of a Cork-based pharmaceutical factory, built in 1998, was experiencing ongoing leak issues affecting production and administration rooms below, Sika was called to inspect the roof and propose a suitable solution Sikaflex® Self-Leveling Sealant. A Self Leveling sealant with an accelerated curing capacity for sealing horizontal expansion joints in concrete. This one component polyurethane sealant meets Federal Specification TT-S-00230C, Type 1, Class A. Meets ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade P, Class 25. Available in 10.1 fl. oz. and 29 fl. oz. cartridge

Overlay repair products. Overlay & Repair Products. Questions? Please call (614) 464-7899. Online prices may vary from In Store pricing. Categories. Admixtures & Retarders Description. This SikaRepair SHB resurfacing mortar by Sika is a one-component, horizontal concrete repair. It's easy to trowel and has a high early strength. It comes in a 5 kg package. Technical specifications Sika is a global market and technology leader in the development and production of specialist products and systems for construction. The Repair and Protection of concrete structures is one of Sika's core competencies, with the Sika range including concrete admixtures, resin flooring and coating systems, all types of waterproofing solutions, sealing, bonding and strengthening solutions, as.

SIKA CONCRETE REPAIR SYSTEM SPECIFIED FOR FORT H ROA D BRIDGE. For a structure which was built using 39,000 tonnes of steel, 125,000 cubic metres of concrete and has a main span of 1006 metres, the Forth Road Bridge is a feat of engineering Sika® FerroGard®-903 Plus is a surface applied mixed corrosion inhibitor, designed for use as an impregna-tion of steel reinforced concrete. Sika® FerroGard®-903 Plus is based on organic com-pounds. Sika® FerroGard®-903 Plus penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel Overlay Concrete Restoration Systems by Sika Corporation, 201 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Note: 1. If repair area is too large to fill while scrub coat is still wet, use Sika Armatec 110 EpoCem in lieu of the scrub coat. (See Spec Component SC-200) 2. If reinforcing steel is located within the repair location refer to Spec Component SC-20 Did the weather conditions take a toll on your concrete surface? Is your concrete chipping and pitted out? Does it have large chunks missing? Maybe it's disc..

Concrete Repair Mortars Deterioration of concrete structures can happen for many reasons such as corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration etc. Many years of research plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to develop full comprehensive mortar solutions to repair, restore and rehabilitate concrete structures Multi-Purpose Non-shrink (shrinkage compensated) Cementitious Grout. Sika MonoTop®-612. concrete repair mortar. Sika MonoTop®-615 HB. R4 High build repair and re-profiling mortar. Unicell® 25. Prebagged High Build, Waterproof Class 25 Repair Mortar. Unicell® 40

Sika ® Galvanode® DAS is a distributed anode system designed to provide corrosion control or cathodic protection to concrete decks, columns, beams and walls. Sika® Galvanode® DAS anode units are distributed over concrete and masonry structures to provide global corrosion protection. The quantity of zinc provided, the anode shape, electrical components and installation procedures are. Rockett's Concrete Overlays has crafted this stunningly pristine, 8,000 sq. ft. concrete floor using a 1/2 inch white self -leveling overlay (embedded with 100% recycled crushed glass and mirror), is Built for life, according to owner and Master Craftsman Bart Rockett. Out of gallery

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  1. Sika Ferrogard® -903 is a surface applied mixed corrosion inhibiting, designed for u s ea nimp rg tofl cd . Sika Ferrogard® -903 is based on organic compounds. Sika® FerroGard ®-903 penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel. P r ote c i nw hS k a® F G d®-903 b l y s
  2. Sika Level-325 is a one-component, durable and versatile cementitious underlayment for interior and exterior concrete and cementitious substrates. It can be applied manually or by pump to produce a self-smoothing, rapid-setting and flat substrate prior to the application of a final floor finish
  3. Stamped concrete is both easier to install and more cost-effective than other paving materials. For existing concrete, a stampable overlay that can be textured or stenciled to provide a new surface texture may be used. Stamped concrete should always be colored to achieve the most realistic appearance
  4. concrete Sika WT200 Internal and external industrial self levelling overlay Sikafloor® Level 30 Pourable concrete repair mortar 40-300mm Sika® MonoTop® 436N Rapid set repair mortar for horizontal applications SikaQuick® 2500. 4 SIKA ONSITE SOLUTIONS FOR CONCRETORS & CONCRETE CONSTRUCTIO
  5. 3 REFURBISHMENT PROTECTIVE COATINGS FOR CONCRETE CONTENTS 04 Sika's Life Cycle Assessment Approach 05 Sustainable Refurbishment of Cooling Towers 08 Proven Long-Term Durability 10 Concrete Structures and their Exposure 12 Key Stages in the Concrete Refurbishment Process 13 Sika Principles in Accordance with European Standard EN 1504 14 Assessment of Typical Causes and Effects of Damag
  6. Sika is considered to be the industry leader on a worldwide basis in concrete repair. Many years of research and development plus decades of practical experience has enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, seismic activity, reactive aggregates, to seal water.
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All sales of Sika products are subject to Sika's current Terms and Conditions of Sale available at www. sikacorp.com or by calling 201-933-8800. Prior to each use of any Sika product, the user must always read Sikaflex® Concrete Fi Guide to Concrete Overlay Solutions Overview of the Bonded Resurfacing Family Bonded Concrete Resurfacing of Concrete Pavements Thickness: 2-5 in. (5.1-12.7 cm) depending on desired life (15-25+ years), anticipated traffic loading, and condition of underlying pavemen

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Sika is considered to be the industry leader in concrete repair and protection. Many years of research and development plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and others Polypropylene fibres for concrete. Sika® Crackstop 12mm are high quality micro monofilament polypropylene fibres. They are designed to minimize and control shrinkage cracks in concrete. Sika® Crackstop 12mm are available in premeasured, ready to use degradable bags for 1m3 of concrete. Read more + A concrete overlay allows you to give a sound surface a decorative facelift. A cementitious material is mixed and applied directly over the existing concrete. Overlays can be colored in a variety of ways, polished for a reflective shenn, or used in conjunction with stencils and stamps. Certain products are designed for use on indoor floors.

Moisture is a common problem for concrete floors. When moisture enters the floor, it seeps easily through the concrete's porous material and causes mold and rot problems below the floor while creating structural issues throughout the concrete. When installing any type of overlay, owners must use sealants to protect it from moisture Restorative concrete overlay. Stamp tools are generally divided into patterns that resemble an arrangement of pavers, and textures which are seamless and have no joint lines. Sika Corporation Sika Scofield Sales Office 4155 Scofield Road Douglasville, GA 30134 Phone: 800-800-990

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LATICRETE SUPERCAP SC650-MC is a premium pumpable and pourable self leveling concrete overlay suitable as a high-strength wear surface or floor underlayment. Country Availability. Canada. United States. LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® Moisture Vapor Control. Moisture Vapor Control is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating. Sika 10.1 oz. Concrete Gap Sealant (27) Model# 7116190. Sika 10.1 fl. oz. Standard Anchoring Adhesive (6-Piece per Case) (4) Model# 7116150. Sika 1 Qt. Ready-Mix Stucco Patch/Repair (112) Model# 503333. Top Rated. Sika 1 Qt. Ready-Mix Concrete Patch (522) Model# 7116120. Sika 10.1 fl. oz. AnchorFix-1 Anchoring Adhesiv Sika® FerroGard®-903 is a surface applied corrosion inhibitor, designed for use as an impregnation of steel reinforced concrete. It is designed to penetrate the surface and then to diffuse in vapor or liquid form to the steel reinforcing bars embedded in the concrete. Protection with Sika® FerroGard®-903 both delays the start of corrosion and reduces the corrosion rate Count on Sika to provide long-lasting waterproof systems to protect your project. Sika has over. 100 years. of waterproofing experience, since the first Sika waterproofing product was invented in 1910. With 50 years of experience, Sikadur Combiflex SG System, the leading solution in adhered tapes, is sold in nearly 90 countries where more than Waterproofing mortars are used to protect structures against water infiltration. They are supplied as ready-to-use solutions to seal against damp soil, seepage and percolating water. Waterproofing mortars are often applied in water reservoirs, water retaining structures, basements and other engineering structures as well as beneath tiling for.

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  1. When installed correctly, your concrete over plywood floor will not permit moisture through, will not warp or buckle, and will come with all the benefits of concrete in an easy-to-care-for floor. Duraamen's Param 5500 goes on thin, in a 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick application. It lays down ultra flat. Param 5500 can be applied over other surfaces.
  2. Refer to the Method Statement for Concrete Repair using Sika MonoTop® system for more information regarding substrate preparation or refer to the re-commendations provided in EN 1504-10. Avoid application in direct sun and/or strong wind and/or rain. SIKA NORTHERN GULF Bahrain / Qatar / Kuwait Tel: +973 177 38188 sika.gulf@bh.sika.com gcc.sika.co
  3. Decorative concrete overlays, stains, and driveway sealers. Epoxy floor products and polyurethane clear coat sealers. Floor metallic and flakes systems and concrete repair products for contractors and homeowners alike. Over 1400 concrete products with over 275 Dealers nationwide makes SureCrete the right choice

Sika® Fibermesh®-150, micro-reinforcement system for concrete—100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene multifilament (monofilament) fibers with e3® patented technology containing no reprocessed olefin materials. Specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Sika® Fibermesh®-150 is desinged to control plastic shinkage and settlement. Sika® FerroGard®-903+ is a surface applied mixed cor-rosion inhibitor, designed for use as an impregnation of steel reinforced concrete. Sika® FerroGard®-903+ is based on organic com-poundds. Sika® FerroGard®-903+ penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel SikaQuick Concrete Resurfacer is a polymer-modified, 1-component, cementitious resurfacing compound. Designed for use on exterior concrete substrates such as sidewalks, walkways, patios, parking garages, and residential driveways. Easily applied by smoothing trowel or rubber squeegee. Get all your SikaQuick Concrete Resurfacer needs at. Sika® Repair Mortar is a one component cementitious mortar Fibre reinforced with silicafume, designed to be used as repair and a finishing mortar. USES Sika® Repair Mortar is used to eliminate surface de-fects caused by demoulding, to fill pores and honey-combs and for repair to damaged edges of concrete elements. CHARACTERISTICS / ADVANTAGE Description. This Sikacrete self-compacting concrete from Sika can be used to level a floor or for any concrete job. No trowelling or vibration required. Quick and easy to use, it has high fluidity and can be pumped or poured. This smooth finish product comes in a 25 kg (55 lb.) bag. Backed by a 1-year warranty

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SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® is a cementitious epoxy resin compensated 3-component coating material with corrosion inhibitor, used as bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection. SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® meets the requirement of EN 1504-7 At Gowen Construction, we work exclusively with Sika Concrete Repair products. As Approved Applicators, Sika Technical division supervise all projects we carry out. For the past 100 years, Sika has gained extensive experience and expertise in concrete repair and protection with documented references dating back to the 1920's

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Car Park & Traffic Coating. Floor coating systems for parking garages have to meet the highest demands as outdoor, multi-story and underground car parks are subject to many different stresses, including atmospheric conditions, de-icing salt effects, automotive fluids as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic load Description. This Sika self-levelling cement underlayment is made for interior floors and its thickness varies from 1/25 in. to 1 1/2 in. Made of polymer-modified cement with ViscoCrete technology, this product is fast-setting and installs quickly. It can be applied on concrete, wood, ceramic or any other material

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Sikadur-55 SLV is a super low-viscosity crack healer

Sika 1 Waterproofer Liquid Admixture is an aqueous solution containing complex colloidal silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand/cement renders, screeds and mortar to provide an effective barrier against the transmission of liquid water. Features and Benefits Proven for more than 90 years For use with Sika pre-batched system. Sika Gray Concrete Patch (32-oz) Sikacryl Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch is an easy to use, acrylic-based, textured concrete patch for repairing spalls and cracks in concrete and masonry. It cures to a tough and durable finish. The application is easy and cleanup is simple. View Mor

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Sika Industrial Flooring's color selections are available in epoxy and urethane color additives. Because of the limitations of process color printing, the color samples contained herein are close approximations Of actual colors and should not be relied upon for true color. Colors show approximate tone without any texture Sika has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of concrete repair and protection, with documented project references dating back to the. 1920's. Reinforced concrete structures are built to last. Most bridges are now designed to last. 100-150

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surfaces. Sika Rep® provides a compatible surface for the application of Sika's Coatings and Finishes. Sika Rep® is especially suitable for the following applications: Repair of concrete. Resurfacing defective or damaged areas. Concrete waterproofing and protection. NOTE: SR formulation available upon request Sikaflex 10.1 oz. Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant Gray (331) Model# 7116070. Best Seller. Quikrete 40 lb. Vinyl Concrete Patch Repair (253) Model# 113340. Top Rated. Sika 1 Gal. Ready-Mix Concrete Patch Repair (632) Model# 7116140. Sikaflex 10.1 oz. Construction Sealant White (127) Model# 7116045. Top Rated. Sikaflex 29 oz. Sandstone Self. SikaFiber®-12 is a high quality, 100% virgin, polypropylene fibre designed to reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking whilst enhancing the surface properties and durability of a cementitious matrix. SikaFiber®-12 is coated with a surfactant to improve initial dispersion and bond with the cement paste Now Scofield is part of Sika Corporation, where we continue to develop new technologies to make architectural concrete stronger, more versatile, more sustainable and more visually appealing. Product Categories: 03050 Concrete Materials + Methods 03360 Concrete Finishes 03920 Concrete Resurfacin Sika Latex R is a non-reemulsifiable bonding adhesive and fortifier. It can be used in patching, flash coats, stucco, and terrazzo. Admixture used in cement based products to improve adhesion, achieve a denser surface, and improve overall performance. As a bonding grout when mixed with sand and portland cement SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® is a cementitious, epoxy resin compensated 3-component coating material with corrosion inhibitor, used as bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection. SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® meets the requirement of EN 1504-7. Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions